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Psychic Jumpstart - Easily Become Psychic - Reiki - Soul Healing Courses - Ascension Help - Archangel Guidance Malina Havard, aka Mo            

is Osmotic & functions as a major psychic & spiritual jumpstart for others!

Malina is a professional Intuitive/UniversalChannel/ReikiMaster/Teacher & Shaman Apprentice who is an Ascended Master & has also Obtained her Divinity by fully completing 5 spiritual journeys during the past decade. She is also Osmotic so through will & intent transfers these knowledge, skill, abilities out to others.

Through her own will & intent, she causes clients to easily become psychic with her psychic abilities activation, nicknamed ‘psychic jumpstart’, & clients receive spiritual growth & progress in all of her services, including:  Ascension, guided soul journeys, healing intensives, ancient activation, step into Nirvana, kundalini rising, targeted healing for the aura, chakras, meridians, core beliefs, and soul, there’s so much to gain, obtain, inherit & improve from.

Malina is different than other spiritual practitioners in that Shaktipat & Osmosis are her only methods of delivery.  In layman’s terms, you’re going to be activated for results upon receipt of every one of these services, the result is written into the sessions by Mo’s will to deliver it.

Through these methods, Malina offers advanced spiritual services that are great for newcomers as well as for do-it-yourselfers. She activates someone as a channel, and also forms the connection to archangel Michael or other being who will serve as a guide.


In addition to Psychic Abilities Activations & Ascension, also available are:   Universal Reiki healing & attunements, shamanic healing and soul clearing, she even offers courses in channeling & dreamwalking, & you should treat yourself to Mo’s Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Activated healing session for the energy centers that feels absolutely amazing!


A member of the National Association of Professional Women as well as having been included in a registry acknowledging Malina for her work as a highly accurate & authentic professional psychic, a businesswoman & an entrepreneur.


Being a 250 dimensional being who can access all 7 planes of existence and many different dimensions, works within 4 levels of awareness & has 13 transferable psychic abilities in all, Malina is capable of easily delivering progress to her clients because she discovered Osmosis while making her first journey.

Malina custom developed these services based around her own functionality as an external channel that occurred once she had aligned with, accessed, knew and worked closely with higher beings and as a reflection of the validity of her work, those beings are present during the sessions so you know you receive complete accuracy, verification & validation, it’s available right in her work.


In many different ways, she can help you to communicate with those you have loved & lost and she can step it up a notch or two and bring you on guided soul journeys to meet and talk with beings from all 7 planes of existence, yes, EVEN God.


Imagine a spiritual practitioner connected in such a way that she can use her abilities and bring God here to dialogue and reconnect with clients in a sit-down session.

This allows everyone access to  HIGHEST POSSIBLE ACCURACY, all the time. There is a purer intent, a deeper understanding, a true love of helping her customers make actual progress, as well as a very high level of integrity in her work.


She hopes to get to the point in her career that she will do live seminars and sessions where entire groups of people will receive activations & ascension at a time, which would have a positive impact on the world today.

Malina has amazed many of her clients and will continue to do so, as people discover her authenticity! Visit the pricing and abilities page for more information.


If you’re interested in knowing more about Malina and her psychic abilities, you can contact her directly. Feel free to read what her former clients have said about her work, before it further evolved, try real sample sessions of her work check out the extensive Links page packed with quality spiritual links and psychic resources!


And while you’re here, why not have the ‘Human Activator’ serve  as psychic jumpstart and activate you as a channel and connect you to a guide and walk you through performing your very FIRST channeled session (now just $45.00 for half-hour and $90.00 for a full hour!) and easily become psychic today or sign up for her other channeling activations so you can function easily, safely & accurately as a psychic yourself!

Contact Malina and get activated, get your spiritual or psychic jumpstart today!

Also, view Malina’s Intro Video.

Psychic Abilities Activation, aka Psychic Jumpstart – Easily Become Psychic by Malina Havard

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