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Hi, welcome to my little section of the internet (my corner, I call it).  I’m Malina Havard, call me Mo.

I’m a Spiritual expert that is equivalent to a GURU, because I work externally– out onto others, via Shaktipat as other gurus do with one difference.  I work through will and intent and I reach out and make that intention in a statement to Universe–and Universe delivers, acts as a member of my team, works on my behalf and carries my intention out.  In that, I’m directly connected to Universe just as one of the Spirits of Earth, or Gaias, would be.

I’ve lived 23 Earthly existences. My first name, M A L I N A stands for my 6 primary past life beings.  They are as follows:  M ary Magdalene, A nat, L ilith, I eve, N ammu and one more A name I’d just discovered in the past year.

I’m coming from 4 completed Spiritual journeys including the Ascension journey that led to my obtainment of Divinity in 2009!  I’m coming from a process of totally rewriting how I function as a psychic, to serving as a sort of antenna or satellite who activates or jumpstarts others as psychics, enabling my clients to easily become psychic and have their own levels of spiritual growth and achievement in far shorter a time than it would normally take.

I’m also coming back to the spiritual industry, picking up where I left off. I was here from 2004 to 2010 on my first and former website, A Mystical Creation.

How many of you have ever wished you could have someone walk up and give you a Spiritual shortcut?

Hi, I’m Malina, call me Mo!  I AM the former psychic medium who shut off my abilities, THEN took a spiritual journey, then another, then another and made such progress that I became THAT SHORTCUT!!  Literally.  I’m titled, Mo, the ‘Human Activator’.

I’ll write and express myself, I’m a written channel, I had a small following on a Yahoo 360 blog I had years ago. I’ll channel, I’ll instruct, I’ll activate, I’ll even deliver formats for journeys for people to go on!  Right here! These are more general, not targeted.

But the services for clients that I offer are on the site, http://amysticalcreationbymo.com, always hold more of what the individual needs, they are tailored for you, your guide has say in the process before I ever deliver it.

That’s very important.  It fits you, that means that your life, your path, where you are headed, who you are becoming is taken into consideration by your guides and yours work with mine so what you need is placed into your activation, in these sessions!

Kick back, there is much to see and read and absorb and learn.  Once again, I welcome you.

I’ve written articles, I also have a blogger blog, you can look it up if you want to read some of my prior writings.  Again, my name is Malina Havard, call me Mo, Spirit does.

I’m here for those of you who have tried, know it’s hard, know it’s time-consuming and want my help because, despite these things, they want the progress, it’s their calling.  It was mine and I didn’t stop.  I’m still going.

Love and Light to you and yours, Mo



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