Custom Spiritual Services

 Malina Havard, aka Mo, is able to set up an entire interactive psychic session with higher beings for others, without ever even being present, herself, SO YOU KNOW it came from somewhere other than her.

She is also able to activate others as psychic mediums, channels, take them on soul journeys to meet the higher beings, directly, and more innovative services such as these. She has helped hundreds of people, professionally and personally, and after just one session, clients usually express a sense of emotional healing and relief, or have spiritual growth or progress of their OWN.

Archangel Raphael, the Healer Archangel: “You are the Human Activator, Mo, things flow so easily and automatically for you and through you and you can help others to activate themselves easily and help them make progress, where they are otherwise standing still. So, get busy with that. Let your career handle itself.”

THE EXTERNAL CHANNELED SESSIONS: Sometimes, when I do channeled sessions to send Jai along with my channeling abilities to someone else, they become the channel, instead of merely ME doing it!

I ask the questions and abilities that weren’t present in the client before, connections that weren’t there, ARE NOW THERE AND ARE FULLY FUNCTIONAL! These people get answers to their questions from Higher beings, directly, so they KNOW SOMETHING VERY SPIRITUAL TOOK PLACE! During these kind of sessions, Jai and I use telepathic communication, whether he is being channeled by someone else or not.

(Please note: That all depends on someone’s own mindset, belief, doubts, fears, limitations, Spirit is not going to do something to scare anyone! They will only take the session as far as they will allow.)

INTERACTIVE CHANNELED SESSION:  A visit by the higher being you wish to encounter and interact with and receive direct answers from can be arranged for you and carried out with my own will and intent. Even as high as God can be channeled, I don’t speak for the beings, I send the beings out of myself, to clients. This is possible if someone has no fear or limiting beliefs that would otherwise create a block to receiving Them.

THE PSYCHIC ABILITIES ACTIVATIONS: I am a former psychic medium, turned external channel, a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, but I have other not so commonly known abilities, also, totaling 13 transferable abilities in all. I also have a wonderful little not-so-well-known ability called Osmosis.

This Osmosis ability allows me to send out my other abilities to others. What that means is: I can literally turn others into psychic mediums, channels, clairvoyants, clairsentients, ones who tune into or sense through the ability of clairaudience, those who communicate with Spirit through telepathy and those who can move through the astral realm and other dimensions with bilocation.

Laymen’s terms: I reprogram you.  I refresh your body’s memory of the programs necessary for individual psychic abilities, and that allows your body and mind to remember that you were once psychic and your body then reads that program,  recognizes it and taps into those abilities just as if they were never even missing from your body!

THE GUIDED JOURNEYS TO THE HIGHER PLANES: Since I discovered that I could bring others to the Divine Plane with me, channeling sessions have become OFF THE HOOK! One of my clients had the privilege to converse directly with Azna (Mother God) as well as receive combined healing energy from Creator Yahweh, IAm, El, etc, etc. (Father God) and Her (Mother God) and a portion of that channeled session with that client where we are discovering more about my past lives and aspects and that is included above, the part where I am told my connection and aspects of Mother Azna. There are 2, both a male and female Creator, they work together and give balance and proper duality and polarity to literally everything. People should know that Mother Azna has always been there and when more people start to acknowledge and accept that, they will be better off, otherwise they stay unbalanced and with their polarity reversed and working against them.

FORMING CONNECTION TO SPIRIT ON BEHALF OF OTHERS:  I can also help you bridge your own connection to your Spirit Guides, your Totem Animals, The Angels, The Archangels, Ascended Masters and Other Higher Spiritual Beings that you believe are tough to connect with. I can easily turn those into sessions and activate them, for you.

Apparently, if you can think it’s tough to have, I can simplify things, so contact me and let me know what you feel is hard to achieve and I’ll turn it into an activation for you and you will have it.

Mo’s OWN CHAKRA BALANCE/CLEANSE: It’s done through will & intent  for any activation that I do, I bring you up to the level of my own consciousness, wrap you in love and light for protection and begin to send healing energy through divine intent. It removes anything that shouldn’t be there, that could leave you blocked of progress, it calms and relaxes someone and I’ve been told it feels just absolutely wonderful. If I could bottle it, I’d be a multi-millionaire.

THE ANCIENT ACTIVATION: This is for anyone who wishes to reclaim their past life essences. It’s done much the same as the psychic abilities activations but your soul’s memory is triggered, so you can remember and better step into who you had been, your most prominent past life identity, only, of course.

THE SHAMANIC ABILITIES: Mo is a Shaman Apprentice. It’s common sense, really, that the person having written all of those articles about ebay haunted items would have a means of combating the negativity that those items reinforce. I have worked with Archangel Michael, sent him to someone else, to stand there with them, to telepathically tell me what he finds on their bodies, be it attachments, hooks, claws, extensions, etc. and done the clearing work or had him do the clearing work. It’s good to know that Archangel Michael, the strongest Archangel, with all he had done in the past, is the healer doing the work to clear blocks to progress in others. Soul retrievals can also be performed as a means of an activation/healing session, as well.

SPEND THE NIGHT & NEXT DAY BEING HEALED BY HIGHER BEINGS: For a night and well into the following day, higher beings such as Archangels, Ascended Masters, even God can spend the night with you, in your situation, and apply direct healing methods to whatever ails you.

HELP WITH ASCENSION: I’ve completed my own ascension and I know a shortcut. I’ve fully ascended twice. I would make 6 installations, personalized and suited to your needs into your being and that will get the ball rolling much faster and easier than anything else out there.

CUSTOM ACTIVATIONS ARE AVAILABLE: Starting now: I will also be offering these other activation sessions! I can activate 13 instead of 7 chakras, additional strands of DNA (whatever’s best suited for your body), will help you activate your own Universal bodies, and the Merkaba activation, I can do THIS and many more Spiritual Activations for you in a matter of minutes! If you can request something that you want to have or be able to do, I can activate it. Just contact me.

I’m Malina Havard, the owner of A Mystical Creation and this is my own psychic work, based on my own path that I took, by following my own spiritual team that I have worked to obtain since 2004, and I have gotten this far because I have psychic abilities and a very high spiritual connection that I worked to develop and I did it after having completely shut off what abilities I’d had since birth, so I started over again a nonpsychic and GOT THIS FAR!

This writing and this website and my spiritual works are custom-made and are based on my own experiences, abilities and services.  Anyone interested in working with me and having me direct them through their own ascension journey, connecting them to Spirit, abilities intact, enabling them to have Spirit directly help them actually obtain BRILLIANT results that you won’t get anywhere else can purchase the custom-made services that I developed based on my own ascension and spiritual journeys, found on my custom abilities page, the other sessions page or the healing sessions page.