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There is a wise crack about psychics that a skeptic obviously felt was the ultimate means of disproving us, as a collective.  It goes something like:  oh yeah? Well, if you’re so powerful, wise and accurate a psychic, how come you haven’t won the lottery?

Another widespread belief about anyone in the Spiritual industry is that they have basically taken a vow of poverty if they are genuine and sincerely interested in working on other’s behalf. And yet another is that Spiritual matters are something that should be offered for free, no-one should pay for soul quality work.

There are 2 sides to each of these.  There are 5 free minute and lots of dabblers and those who only want free services and are leery of those who would charge for Spiritual services.  There are those who feel the need to test and throw up a wall with improper thought where healing & other services are offered, even when there is no ill-intent or ill-will.

If you put up a wall, ANY wall, you are keeping something OUT.  You can get in the way of every possible form of soul growth & progress, by simply believing you have a GOOD REASON TO DO SO. Thought, attitude, belief depending on alignment can make or break someone.

I’m a spiritual practitioner and I’m positively aligned, I’m good–very, very good at what I do, my work is tested, proven,  I have pure intent for everyone who I encounter, I have no walls where any of my clients are concerned.

Based on experiences I’ve had with Dabblers, I’ve set my bar a little higher.  I choose to work with those who are already ON some sort of path, who DO have a belief system in place & I advise clients to let down their walls before their session so they will benefit from it & because i function so differently, I offer a bit of a mini tutorial to help clients align with me & my Activations before the session.

Stereotypes only take someone so far and limited or narrowminded thinking enables that skeptic to walk away feeling as if they were somehow correct, reinforcing limited beliefs that will lock them into some holding pattern or locking themselves into the box or behind their wall until they outgrow or release that narrow, limiting & restrictive thought/mindset/belief.

I’m a Spiritual practitioner, I don’t presume myself to be somehow locked in to any vow of poverty, I do get a very good feeling when I offer a service and someone purchases it and I do really offer what I am truly capable of because I LOVE to help others & it feels truly amazing to be able to help people “GET IT.”

I do charge fees for my services.  I offer a service.  I’m putting my skill, ability, knowledge, practice, teachings,own experience & level of progress purity & higher frequency thus more quality along with a small part of myself into each service that I offer.  And that’s a lot.  It took time, patience, blood, sweat, tears, trial and error, tiny baby steps, prayer and lifetimes for me to get this good!  It is an exchange of energy & effort for currency.

Why should others with professions have an income for their knowledge, skill, education and quality of services offered, but not me because I operate at soul level of knowledge? Actually, I should outrank those who don’t hold that level of know-how.  Not everyone will be as good at that as I am.  I had years of in-depth training.  God was one of my teachers.  I have a team of guides that spans over 150 higher beings and it is individualized work that makes our connection and those beings often reveal themselves to my clients in the sessions. I call that verification & validation.

That said, there are 2 equal sides to those remarks.  First, I am not a fraud or a phony, although I’ve been accused of being, I avoid other’s spiritual practices or teachings so I am not labeled a copycat or accused of being a cheap knockoff or a replica of anyone else’s work, however, again, I’ve been accused of being by a fellow spiritual practitioner who found me, asked me my story, only then trying to claim my story and the changes I underwent as I was making my own Spiritual journeys as being her own experiences.

She then also tried to claim similar abilities and wanted credit for some of my custom blog writings and I was very upset over this and I kind of let my website, A Mystical Creation, go due to it.


I do recognize that there are those out there who may not be truly gifted & as such, are false claimers & feel there is much competition & are threatened by that & need to resort to lower methods to stay on top, and there are those who are doing this for the wrong reasons, it’s NOT for everyone to be a teacher where soul matters are. Me? I sort of found my way into it by thinking for the collective & asking God for something specific.

You get what you pay for.  Do you want just anyone fumbling and fidgeting around or tampering with your soul, with your health & wellbeing, with your relationships & other aspects to life?  I’ll pass on that whole scenario.  I’ve seen people offering soul ascension services, healing sessions & spells all in one website.  Oh no!  That’s not a matching frequency with soul work, with higher beings as helpers  or an example of that practitioner holding higher or pure intent for anyone.

Spell work is lower aligned, is often controlling or manipulative of someone else.  Higher beings will not ever attempt to control, rob or cheat ANYONE of their own choices, thoughts, beliefs under ANY circumstances.  No alignment would exist between a higher being & the support of everyone’s right to free will choice & a spellcaster.  That said, the higher beings SIMPLY won’t work with anyone who would even attempt to overstep anyone’s free will.  You won’t find higher purer intent guidance teachings or accuracy without higher beings.  Know the difference.

What happened was, I looked around at the spiritual industry, past & present and realized we haven’t made much actual progress since Jesus walked among us and in 2002, I reached out and talked to Yahweh and asked for a walking talking human example of Ascension so people had a chance at seeing it done, so they would get on that path themselves.  In that way, I chose to follow Jesus’ path to Ascension.  I got my wish.  I’m that….but in the world, what resulted was practitioners hearing me tell my story and seeing the changes I made and seemingly overnight, there were so many Ascension experts, helpers, teachers and temples it was unreal!!

I also recognize that very few of the spiritual practitioners who offer readings healings and other services have stopped doing those things long enough to work within & through themselves and THAT is necessary thus a requirement to learn that spiritual knowledge through their own souls, first and foremost, before beginning to claim to know something or even anything about Ascension & to lead anyone ELSE onto or through the path to any actual soul growth or progress.

Hint:  that path I took is not commonly found where the masses are, it’s TRULY a path LESS taken.  Therefore, the practitioners who came into this industry offering psychic readings who never paused or stopped being able to DO that, who never had other major adjustments and strange discoveries, who werent totally re-created into something other than what they once were, MAY not have undergone the actual Ascension path, so may not actually have much insight experience to ever offer or help anyone else with theirs.

A lot of people think they’re undergoing it, like it’s automatically taking place, but are they changing how they function?  If not, they’ve not found the path to make the actual journey themselves. Again, free will choice.  You won’t have the choices made for you.  If you want to make the Ascension journey, the need to participate is required.

If the inexperienced practitioner leads someone, how much progress can the student truly expect to have?

Journey-wise, here’s my timeline.  It was summer of 2002, I decided to shut off all of my existent abilities and then took my first journey.  in 2004, I opened back up as a psychic.

I was a nonpsychic for almost a year, made my first journey a complete NONPSYCHIC and opened myself back up & found myself to be a channel, and no longer a psychic medium.

I got my first guide in September of 2004, in November of 2005, entered the higher state of enlightenment known as Nirvana.  At that point, I had discovered my ability of Osmosis and it was Yahweh who helped me to know and understand how to function, because it was altogether external and not something I was used to.

Activations were born in 2005!  In 2008, I wrapped up my own Ascension path. Yahweh told me in a message written in the language of light in 2007 that I was almost done, that’s when I was totally sure I was Ascending.   In 2009, Yahweh asked me what I would like the rest of my life to be like, telling me I had made even more progress and had Obtained my Divinity.  (If you’re wondering, these terms are Buddhist in nature, but I’m eclectic.)

Having been accused of stealing from a fellow practitioner who found me, got close enough to hear & see me going through my Ascension & the changes that took place, didn’t know herself what was happening & even argued with me when I suggested it was my Ascension journey, I thought about how high I needed to reach to outgrow the false claimers and copycats of the world and I replied to Yahweh that I wanted to be THE ONLY spiritual practitioner in the world that was so highly aligned with accuracy and positive favor that I wanted to win at lottery….every TIME I play…and that I want to help others win, too.

This is what I asked for. That’s WHY.  Didn’t exist.  Work has been required to ever even create it.  I’ve been doing that required work ever since I gave Yahweh my answer.

I’ve been actually working toward the creation of & obtainment of Lottery Mastery for 9 years now.

What’s the theme of my journeys? Anything that I go through or undergo myself becomes an Activation session, and that is a shortcut for others but it’s STILL not a magic carpet ride out of doing the work. (Yes, I said that.  I’m talking to you…)

And each journey I’ve made becomes an Activation, and the order is as follows:

Psychic Abilities Activation, Ascension Activation, Obtainment of Divinity, & Lottery Activation 1 & 2.  One was the WORST!  It was tough to undergo, be grateful there’s going to be activations!

To have lottery, people will need to obtain my other activations, because they lead where I’ve ended up, progresswise.  They truly deliver results because they’ve fully been run through me, first, brought me progress & changes and it’s living breathing walking proof that it brings ACTUAL and very REAL results.   That’s HOW I’m truly different. I did the inner work, I changed.

Let me end this one here, giving you food for thought and I’ll find out what else I am to write.  (I’m a written channel & Universe is now with me like Yahweh had been back in 2005, silently observing, forming connections, mapping out this lottery work we will be doing together, so even further progress is being made, as we speak!)

Love & Light to you & yours, Mo

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