Malina’s Custom Psychic Abilities & Prices

Below is a pricelist of just some of my activations, AFTER I made changes to my own abilities. Some of my abilities, along with my services, are not even correctly termed, yet, they are so new to this industry. If you don’t find what you are seeking below, just ask me! You can approach me no matter what you’re looking for! I would love to hear from you!  ~Mo

Also, view these pages for additional activations & healing sessions.

Channeled Phone Readings (My Guide/s)
You become the channel, channel Jai or other higher being – $125 for a 1 hour session; $250 for a 2 hour session!

Mo’s Interactive Channeled Session (Your Guide/s)
Mo sends the entire session to you, including connection to the higher being you request to encounter, wherever you are, through her own will and intent – $125 for a 1 hour session, $250 for a 2 hour session!

Mo’s Own Psychic Abilties Activation Session, aka Psychic Jumpstart
I have 13 transferable abilities, in all. I have Osmosis, so I can run my other abilities out onto or into other people’s beings, and rewrite them to contain individual abilities. Few ever need an additional session, so I offer 3 for the price of 1, just so you are covered. I will not charge for the other 2 sessions, they will be considered FREE follow-ups. It’s $1,500 for this session (choose up to 7 abilities) and this really works!

Reiki Healing Sessions
ABSOLUTELY FREE for every Reiki modality included above unless otherwise specified below. Just write and request healing and I will send it out.

Meridian Flush Level I (lasts 1-5 hours)
 – This is TOTAL relaxation for 1 to 5 hours!
Meridian Flush Level II (lasts 5-7 hours)
– This is Part 2.
Meridian Flush Level I & II (lasts 6-12 hours)
 – This is both levels combined into one healing session; up to 12 hours of relaxation!

Safe and Effective Kundalini Rising
(Awakening Kundalini leads to being able to access even further psychic ability than having not awakened) – $275 for simple, effective activation

Chakra Balancing/Cleansing via Osmosis
This is done through my will and intent only so it’s completely safe and feels very good! Session lasts as long as your body requires. This one would make me a multimillionaire if I could bottle it! – $250

Have Mo Take You on a Spiritual/Healing Journey
You receive your healing from Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc. during and after the trip – $250

Forming Connection To The 7 Planes of Existence
I will form those connections for you; you have to work through each one, so it will require an activation, then sometime after, another, then another, etc.

  • To connect someone to Mental Plane – $175
  • To connect someone to Causal Plane – $200
  • To connect someone to Buddhic Plane – $225
  • To connect someone to Angelic Plane – $250
  • To connect someone to Divine Plane – $350

Give My Magical or Divination Items an Energy Jumpstart
Mo will charge your item with positive energy before you ever use it so it will work well for you – $50

The Divine Feminine/Azna Activation
Connection is formed to Female God, which then enables clients direct contact and spiritual guidance and direction directly from Her. – $125

The Yahweh/Divine Masculine  Activation
This is the same as the Azna Activation, except it’s with Yahweh. Believe it or not, most of the people in the world will tell you that they already have this connection in place, but they don’t. Until you have connection directly with the Divine Plane (not commonly done, yet), you won’t have that level of spiritual assistance and guidance. – $250

Mo’s Own Relevant 6 Past Life Complete Ascension Activation Package
This is the exact method I used for ascension that God guided me to do, it includes: Chakra Balance/Cleanse, feminine/masculine God Activations so your connections to the Divine Plane are formed, Psychic Abilities Activation so you can receive information from Spirit in whatever way you do that, and I complete the installation of your 6 Most Relevant Past Life Identities/ Essences, so they help you with your own clearing work, learning processes, etc. There is nothing else for any guru or teacher to do for you, the rest is all work that you and your team do, you are well on your way to Ascension. – $1,500


Also, to get numbers of people moving up faster through the world, largescale, I am offering group rates for this item & for psychic jumpstart sessions!

They are:

  • Party of 5, cost is $4,500. Pay for 3, get 2 completely free.
  • Party of 10, cost is $10,500. Pay for 7, get 3 completely free.
  • Party of 25, cost is $27,000. Pay for 18, get 7 completely free.

For these numbers of people, I can still handle it through distance!

  • For every 100 people on group rating, pay for 72, I’ll give you 28 free!
  • For every 250 people, that will be 70 ascensions free!
  • For every 1000 people, that will be 280 ascensions free!

For these larger numbers of people, I would consider coming to you & doing the work!

Packages prices

Packages prices
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Hey Mo!! Burn a candle for me and place intentional purpose and focus into it for accomplishment or achievement of a specific situation for me. I consider this healing, so it’s absolutely FREE!

Spiritual Guidance & Advice
A crash course on “How to Think Positively; The Proper Way to Draw Certain Desired Things into your Life” – Absolutely the Best Tool You Could Ever Learn in this Lifetime AND Priceless!!

For more information, visit the blog often!

If there is something you want me to do, or want to know if it even exists, or want to get something at a more reasonable rate, you can just drop me a line here and tell me it exists and the Osmosis can help me obtain attunement, working knowledge or use of it and I can attune you to it as well. Let me know the real name for it and give me the price and I can beat that price and help you attain what you need. The possibilities are endless with magic and I have divine love and light as well as creative, healing energy all around me, so I’m all about “if you can think it, you can do it!” If you need help with something, just contact me either by sending me an email or through my blog.

Love and light to you and yours, Mo