More Sessions by Mo

Activation to Open Up To & Practice Unconditional Love /Christ Consciousness, $150

Activation to Set Aside Ego/Improves Access To Accuracy, $150

Mo’s Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Healing Session Activation, $250

Activation of 6 Higher Chakras, 13 Chakras/Enables Higher Planes Entry, $175

Mo’s Own Running the Colors, A Life Circumstances Improvement Activation, $225

The Aura Expansion Activation Session, $150

***Also offering a MINI Psychic Abilities Activation for 2 abilities of your choice, $350

Mo’s Own Prominent 6 Past Life Ascension Method, $1,500

Mo’s 29 Steps to Ascension Method, $2, 275

Activation Full Overhaul of Your Entire Belief System/CORE, $375

The Golden Bubble of Protection  Activation, $175

Be Calm, Be Still….Calming The Inner Mind Meditation Activation, $275

Activation of Manifestation within Meditation, $150

Mo’s Activation for A Variety of 620+ Useful Psychic Shields, $175

Mo’s Own Guided Spiritual Journey Activation, An Entire Walk-thru Session, $250

Activation of Connection With The Major 7 Archangels, $175

Activation of Connection To The Ascended Master You Are To Work With The Buddhic or 5th Plane Of Existence, $175

Mo’s Activation For You To Step Into Nirvana, Connection to Yahweh Formed FOR You in the Divine, the 7th Plane of Existence, $275

Activation of Connection To The Totem Animal That Specifically Fits Your Path, $150

Activation of Connection to Elemental Guides/Healing Purposes (Earthly Level), $150

Activation of Connection to Dragon Guide/Personal Power/Protection (Cosmic Level), $225

Dragon guides can teach us all sorts of things, but they also sensitize us to further kinds of members of Spirit, bring us specific characteristics and protection.

Pick a Planet or Other Cosmic Body To Work With (Cosmic Level), $175

Activation of Connection to Phoenix Guide/Clearing, Restoration, Rebirth (Universal Level), $150

**Also available is connection to Griffin, Titans, and Unicorn guides.

Activation of Client’s Own INTERNAL Access To The Teachings Within the Layers of Conscious Awareness, $175 each

Earthly Level
Cosmic Level
Universal Level
Divine (ALL) Level

Activation/Installation of Merkaba Into Your Being, $350

***Tetrahedron and other geometric patterns and relevant symbols that specifically apply to your path are also customizable for $150 each

Activation of Ki Flush Clearing Session, $175

The Flora Fauna Clearing Activation Method, $175

Mo’s Own Higher Frequency Clearing Activation, $150

The Soul Retrieval Recovery Activation Session, $175

The Shamanic Soul Extraction Clearing Activation Session, $175

Consultations with Malina cost $150.00 per hour Personal Matters, Financial Matters, Spiritual Matters

**Custom Sessions Are Available Upon Client’s Request.

Sessions With Spirit, Activation of an Entire Channeled Session with Direct Consultation from Higher Beings, $150 per hour


As supplements to your own Spiritual journey, fill in the holes or gaps with these individual sessions. $150 – $275 price range, depending on difficulty

Session To Connect You To Your Spirit Guide
Christ Consciousness Activation Session
Mystical Marriage, Your Higher Self Serves As a Guide
Pyramid Power
Dragon Power
Work With The Elemental/Earth Angel Realm (for those on healing paths)
Shamanic Path Teachings Activation
Merlin’s Teachings
Mo’s Magical Ring Gem Association/Drawing Power & Abilities from 5 Different Gems/Colors
Magi Teachings (Abramelin the Mage)
Solomon’s Teachings
Jesus-Buddha-Mary Magdalene Ascended Teachings
The 24 Taras
Dolphins/Merpeople Alignment
Atlantis Consciousness Activation
Melchizedek’s Teachings
Connection To and Work with The Trees (Garden of Eden)
Teachings from the Book of Life
Activation of Work In & Through The Tree of Life
Akashic Records: Access, Research Your Past Lives
Geometric Shapes
The Starseed Activation
Step Into Your Lightbody
Multidimensional Expression of Self
Name Your Choice Of Sacred Place Guided Spiritual Journey
Crystal Skulls Activation
Utopia Alignment/Consciousness Activation
Lemuria Consciousness Activation
99th -3000th Dimension Guided Spiritual Journey
Rescript Your Life Plan, Sign it with GOD
Blueprint Clearing Activation
Language of Light Knowledge Activation
Activation to Align and work with Libraries of Conscious Information
Sit with and Encounter The Teachings of the Members of the Council of GOD
Align with the 1402 Universal Beings
The Money Attraction/Financial Booster Activation


Relevant 6 Past Life Ascension & Psychic Jumpstart sessions

Also, to get numbers of people moving up faster through the world, largescale, I am offering group rates for Mo’s Relevant 6 Past Life Ascension Method  item & for Psychic Jumpstart sessions!

They are:

  • Party of 5, cost is $4,500. Pay for 3, get 2 completely free.
  • Party of 10, cost is $10,500. Pay for 7, get 3 completely free.
  • Party of 25, cost is $27,000. Pay for 18, get 7 completely free.

For these numbers of people, I can still handle it through distance!

  • For every 100 people on group rating, pay for 72, I’ll give you 28 free!
  • For every 250 people, that will be 70 ascensions free!
  • For every 1000 people, that will be 280 ascensions free!

For these larger numbers of people, I would consider coming to you & doing the work!

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