Below is a pricelist of just some of my activations, AFTER I made changes to my own abilities. Some of my abilities, along with my services, are not even correctly termed, yet, they are so new to this industry. If you don't find what you are seeking below, just ask me! You can approach me no matter what you're looking for! I would love to hear from you!  ~Mo

Also, view these pages for additional activations & healing sessions.

Channeled Phone Readings (My Guide/s)
You become the channel, channel Jai or other higher being - $125 for a 1 hour session; $250 for a 2 hour session!
Mo's Interactive Channeled Session (Your Guide/s)
Mo sends the entire session to you, including connection to the higher being you request to encounter, wherever you are, through her own will and intent - $125 for a 1 hour session, $250 for a 2 hour session!

Mo's Own Psychic Abilties Activation Session, aka Psychic Jumpstart
I have 13 transferable abilities, in all. I have Osmosis, so I can run my other abilities out onto or into other people's beings, and rewrite them to contain individual abilities. Few ever need an additional session, so I offer 3 for the price of 1, just so you are covered. I will not charge for the other 2 sessions, they will be considered FREE follow-ups. It's $1,500 for this session (choose up to 7 abilities) and this really works!

Reiki Healing Sessions
ABSOLUTELY FREE for every Reiki modality included above unless otherwise specified below. Just write and request healing and I will send it out.

Meridian Flush Level I (lasts 1-5 hours) $75 - This is TOTAL relaxation for 1 to 5 hours! Meridian Flush Level II (lasts 5-7 hours) $75 - This is Part 2. Meridian Flush Level I & II (lasts 6-12 hours) $150 - This is both levels combined into one healing session; up to 12 hours of relaxation!

Safe and Effective Kundalini Rising
(Awakening Kundalini leads to being able to access even further psychic ability than having not awakened) - $275 for simple, effective activation

Chakra Balancing/Cleansing via Osmosis
This is done through my will and intent only so it's completely safe and feels very good! Session lasts as long as your body requires. This one would make me a multimillionaire if I could bottle it! - $250

Have Mo Take You on a Spiritual/Healing Journey
You receive your healing from Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc. during and after the trip - $250

Forming Connection To The 7 Planes of Existence
I will form those connections for you; you have to work through each one, so it will require an activation, then sometime after, another, then another, etc.
  • To connect someone to Mental Plane - $175
  • To connect someone to Causal Plane - $200
  • To connect someone to Buddhic Plane - $225
  • To connect someone to Angelic Plane - $250
  • To connect someone to Divine Plane - $350
Give My Magical or Divination Items an Energy Jumpstart Mo will charge your item with positive energy before you ever use it so it will work well for you - $50
The Divine Feminine/Azna Activation Connection is formed to Female God, which then enables clients direct contact and spiritual guidance and direction directly from Her. - $125
The Yahweh/Divine Masculine  Activation This is the same as the Azna Activation, except it’s with Yahweh. Believe it or not, most of the people in the world will tell you that they already have this connection in place, but they don’t. Until you have connection directly with the Divine Plane (not commonly done, yet), you won’t have that level of spiritual assistance and guidance. - $250
Mo’s Own Relevant 6 Past Life Complete Ascension Activation Package This is the exact method I used for ascension that God guided me to do, it includes: Chakra Balance/Cleanse, feminine/masculine God Activations so your connections to the Divine Plane are formed, Psychic Abilities Activation so you can receive information from Spirit in whatever way you do that, and I complete the installation of your 6 Most Relevant Past Life Identities/ Essences, so they help you with your own clearing work, learning processes, etc. There is nothing else for any guru or teacher to do for you, the rest is all work that you and your team do, you are well on your way to Ascension. - $1,500
GROUP RATES Also, to get numbers of people moving up faster through the world, largescale, I am offering group rates for this item & for psychic jumpstart sessions! They are:
  • Party of 5, cost is $4,500. Pay for 3, get 2 completely free.
  • Party of 10, cost is $10,500. Pay for 7, get 3 completely free.
  • Party of 25, cost is $27,000. Pay for 18, get 7 completely free.
For these numbers of people, I can still handle it through distance!
  • For every 100 people on group rating, pay for 72, I’ll give you 28 free!
  • For every 250 people, that will be 70 ascensions free!
  • For every 1000 people, that will be 280 ascensions free!
For these larger numbers of people, I would consider coming to you & doing the work! Hey Mo!! Burn a candle for me and place intentional purpose and focus into it for accomplishment or achievement of a specific situation for me. I consider this healing, so it's absolutely FREE! Spiritual Guidance & Advice A crash course on "How to Think Positively; The Proper Way to Draw Certain Desired Things into your Life" - Absolutely the Best Tool You Could Ever Learn in this Lifetime AND Priceless!! For more information, visit the blog often! If there is something you want me to do, or want to know if it even exists, or want to get something at a more reasonable rate, you can just drop me a line here and tell me it exists and the Osmosis can help me obtain attunement, working knowledge or use of it and I can attune you to it as well. Let me know the real name for it and give me the price and I can beat that price and help you attain what you need. The possibilities are endless with magic and I have divine love and light as well as creative, healing energy all around me, so I'm all about "if you can think it, you can do it!" If you need help with something, just contact me either by sending me an email or through my blog. Love and light to you and yours, Mo


My Reiki Attunement Services are also in the form of an Activation so you can easily be attuned to them. Attunement is to the Master level for each modality.

The Reiki Master Teacher Course for beginners offers a choice of attunement to 1 of 3 modalities: Usui, Golden, or Kundalini Reiki. These are the ONLY forms of Reiki someone can begin with. $175 for this course and $25 for all attunement to these other modalities listed immediately below, thereafter. Mo’s Attuned to These Reiki Healing Modalities: (Akashic Records, Abundance Prosperity, Abundantia AbundRay, Ahara Reiki, Amara-Omni, Angel Light Initiation, Angelic Empowerments, Aura Empowerment, Aurora, Ayurveda, Blue Star Celestial Energy, Celtic Wisdom, Chios-Energy Field Healing, Colors of Angels, Crystal Deva Empowerments, Dolphin Trilogy Manual, Dragon Reiki, Ethereal Crystals, Full Spectrum Healing, Fairy Light, Fusion, Gold Reiki, Golden Triangle, Green Tara Seichim, Hexa, Imara, Inner Sun, Karuna, Kundalini Reiki, Kundalini Boosters, Ma’heo’o, Maitrivihara, MariEl, Meridian Flush Empowerments, Nature Devas & Fairies, Psychic Protection Flame, Usui, Reiki Shiki Ryoho, Shamballa, Silver Violet Flame, Sufi, Tibetan, The Templar Degree, Threshold, Twin Flame, Vajra Tummo, White Dove, Amadeus, Archangelic Seichim, Celtic Reiki, Elemental, Medicine Buddha Reiki, Orb of Life, Sacred Flames, Telos, Tera Mai, Universal Rays, Violet Flame, Atlantis Attunements, DNA Shakti, Divine Light Reiki, Gaia Now, Spirit Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Tachyon, Solar Light Empowerment, Aura Empowerment, Ethereal Crystals, Blue Star Celestial Energy, Ki Manna, Sokaisi, Phoenix Rising, Violet Flame, Archangelic Seichim, & Sacred Moon)


Reiki Levels 8 & 16 Strength Healing Sessions The LIGHTARIAN ATTUNEMENTS: Lightarian Angellinks, Lightarian Rays or Lightarian Reiki Healing Session, $275 (Lightarian Reiki is a level 8 Reiki, and is very powerful and can be used to raise one’s vibrational frequency and much more!) The Entire Lightarian Clearing Program (6 levels of very intense clearing/healing!), $275 SUN LI CHUNG Reiki Healing Session, $175 Sun Li Chung is a level 16 healing modality, I will only offer healing with it. Overnight Universal White Light Healing Session–Conducted by Two or More Archangels, $175 This healing session is conducted BY at least 2 of the Archangels—lasts overnight and well into the next day. No time limit, Spirit ends the session. Overnight Universal White Light Healing Session with My Entire Healing Team, $225 God participates in this one, as well as every being I work closely with. Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Mythical Creatures, etc. There is NO time limit, sessions lasts overnight and well into the next day and Spirit ends the session. The Tachyon Activation, Now We’re Working With Zero Point Energy!, $75 Call it what you like, Quantum Physics refers to it as Zero Point Energy, I call it God’s Universal Light and Essence, because that’s what it IS, and when it is applied to anything, and I mean anything, it improves what needs improvement! **You can turn an object near your situation into a Tachyon antenna as a source of continual clearing and balance restoration to it.


The LightBody Clearing/Healing Intensive Activation Session (step into your own Lightbody), $275 This is 4 levels of intense clearing, at all levels of your essence, being and auric field, that will help you to raise or lift into your Godself or the highest, purest form of expression of your self! Note: These intensives are delivered as Blue, White, Violet & Gold healing levels or layers, but are delivered in the form of activations. The Multidimensional Clearing/Healing Intensive Activation Session, $275 This serves as intense and major healing for all essence and consciousness and past life beings, merged with your now expression, which are relevant to this lifetime, and clearing and removal of any preventive blocks to your own awareness related to these existences, (as well as anything that serves as holding patterns or blocks in the past) Note: These intensives are delivered in form of Activations and are based on God’s own Universal Light, so hold DIVINE energy, essence, and accuracy! Opening To Your Own Multidimensional States of Awareness, $125 You will be tuned into & recall some of your most relevant past lives, & become fully aware & participating in those expressions, and they will be those that pertain to your life existence and their relevance to your own current life purpose. **Ancient Activations are for specific individuals who entered arrangement with GOD to step into Ancient selves, for specific work that only those beings can do, on Earth’s as well as mankind’s behalf. HINT: My version of these services is based on the concept I used in development of the Prominent 6 Past Life Method.


I have courses available and Azna had helped me to create them and told me that people need to see that these abilities really do have great purpose when used in the right combinations with each other, and to have them is for good purpose in the world. Take a look at them: Azna also told me that people need to be clear on what these abilities can really do, the results that having them can really bring to people, that once they are fully developed, are quite beneficial. FOR THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO FOLLOW THE SHAMAN TO DREAMWALKER PATH, $575 Medium abilities Empathy/Clairsentience Bilocation Soul Migration Telepathy Activation of 6 Higher Chakras on Body (this leads to connection to and access to the higher planes for further teachings) Working Knowledge of Cosmic Law, Ancient Activation (soul’s memory awakens) Astral Travel BEYOND The Astral Plane. Mo’s Magical Ring Gem Association/Drawing Power & Abilities from 5 Different Gems/Colors Please note: These are not courses or bookwork or cds, they are teachings and information delivered to you in the form of an Activation, they are the actual working knowledge, installed into your field, they are ability, they are function, you will be given the ability and function and working knowledge of all of these things in an upload session that I perform for you. You will open to them as your body is ready. Allow yourself 12 weeks to see the first abilities begin to open and function in your body. For Those of You Who Want To Begin To Follow Your Path As A SHAMAN Apprentice, $675 Includes These Abilities/Working Knowledge: Medium Abilities, Clairaudience Clairsentience/Empathy, Clairvoyance, Bilocation, Knowledge of Performing Soul Retrievals/Extractions, Telepathy, Soul Migration, Knowledge of Mo’s Magical Ring (Drawing Power & Ability From the Gems On The Ring) Activation of 6 Higher Chakras on Your Body, Knowledge of Astral Travel, Connection To Your Personal Spirit Guide and Healing Team **Option: The Other Clairs, if you do not already have them. THE FIRST MINI COURSE: HELP FOR EVERYONE WITH THEIR ASCENSION PATHS To Gain Knowledge of Your Abilities from the Psychic Abilities Activation & Continue Making Progress to Completion of Ascension. (First Mini Course, Beginner Level), $275 Channeling, Clairvoyance Clairsentience/Empathy Clairaudience Cleanse/Balance Chakras Knowledge of Astral Travels (actual connection of chakras to 7 planes for easy access) Creation/Installation of the Golden Bubble of Protection, Psychic Shields, Starseed Activation, Connection To Your Personal Guides and Healing Team THE 2nd MINI COURSE HELP FOR EVERYONE WITH THEIR ASCENSION PATHS, To Gain Knowledge of Your Abilities from the Psychic Abilities Activation & Move Forward From There, to Mastery of Ascension. (2nd Mini Course, Beyond Beginner Level), $275 Claircognizance (this is channeling God) Telepathy (necessary to communicate with God) Understanding of Inner Workings of Cosmic Law, Activation of 6 Higher Chakras on Body (for reaching higher planes such as The Angelic Plane and others, as well as other areas contained within those Planes of Existence, such as: The Void, Akashic Records (first level), Beginning Multidimensional Travels, Activation of Merkaba (necessary for doing multidimensional travels) Installation of Psychic Shields **Options: Channeling, (if you aren’t already a channel), The Other Clair abilities


Other Attunements, Activations, Intensive Sessions can be custom requested and I can easily script a program for Activation of it, for you. EXCEPT OSMOSIS. If you can think a name or keyword for what it is that you feel you want or need, I can script it so that those results occur for you, provided you are aligned with it, in your being, in your frequency. Questions about what you need? Contact Malina.  Not sure if these services are something you really want or need?  Try the samples on the Freebies page
  • Activation to Open Up To & Practice Unconditional Love /Christ Consciousness, $150
  • Activation to Set Aside Ego/Improves Access To Accuracy, $150
  • Mo’s Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Healing Session Activation, $250
  • Activation of 6 Higher Chakras, 13 Chakras/Enables Higher Planes Entry, $175
  • Mo’s Own Running the Colors, A Life Circumstances Improvement Activation, $225
  • The Aura Expansion Activation Session, $150
  • ***Also offering a MINI Psychic Abilities Activation for 2 abilities of your choice, $350
  • Mo’s Own Prominent 6 Past Life Ascension Method, $1,500
  • Mo’s 29 Steps to Ascension Method, $2, 275
  • Activation Full Overhaul of Your Entire Belief System/CORE, $375
  • The Golden Bubble of Protection  Activation, $175
  • Be Calm, Be Still….Calming The Inner Mind Meditation Activation, $275
  • Activation of Manifestation within Meditation, $150
  • Mo’s Activation for A Variety of 620+ Useful Psychic Shields, $175
  • Mo’s Own Guided Spiritual Journey Activation, An Entire Walk-thru Session, $250
  • Activation of Connection With The Major 7 Archangels, $175
  • Activation of Connection To The Ascended Master You Are To Work With The Buddhic or 5th Plane Of Existence, $175
  • Mo’s Activation For You To Step Into Nirvana, Connection to Yahweh Formed FOR You in the Divine, the 7th Plane of Existence, $275
  • Activation of Connection To The Totem Animal That Specifically Fits Your Path, $150
  • Activation of Connection to Elemental Guides/Healing Purposes (Earthly Level), $150
  • Activation of Connection to Dragon Guide/Personal Power/Protection (Cosmic Level), $225
  • Dragon guides can teach us all sorts of things, but they also sensitize us to further kinds of members of Spirit, bring us specific characteristics and protection.
  • Pick a Planet or Other Cosmic Body To Work With (Cosmic Level), $175 specific
  • Activation of Connection to Phoenix Guide/Clearing, Restoration, Rebirth (Universal Level), $150
  • **Also available is connection to Griffin, Titans, and Unicorn guides.
  • Activation of Client’s Own INTERNAL Access To The Teachings Within the Layers of Conscious Awareness, $175 each
    • Earthly Level
    • Cosmic Level
    • Universal Level
    • Divine (ALL) Level
  • Activation/Installation of Merkaba Into Your Being, $350
  • ***Tetrahedron and other geometric patterns and relevant symbols that specifically apply to your path are also customizable for $150 each
  • Activation of Ki Flush Clearing Session, $175
  • The Flora Fauna Clearing Activation Method, $175
  • Mo’s Own Higher Frequency Clearing Activation, $150
  • The Soul Retrieval Recovery Activation Session, $175
  • The Shamanic Soul Extraction Clearing Activation Session, $175
  • Consultations with Malina cost $150.00 per hour Personal Matters, Financial Matters, Spiritual Matters
  • **Custom Sessions Are Available Upon Client’s Request.
  • Sessions With Spirit, Activation of an Entire Channeled Session with Direct Consultation from Higher Beings, $150 per hour
  • As supplements to your own Spiritual journey, fill in the holes or gaps with these individual sessions. $150 – $275 price range, depending on difficulty
  • Session To Connect You To Your Spirit Guide
  • Christ Consciousness Activation Session
  • Mystical Marriage, Your Higher Self Serves As a Guide
  • Pyramid Power
  • Dragon Power
  • Work With The Elemental/Earth Angel Realm (for those on healing paths)
  • Shamanic Path Teachings Activation
  • Merlin’s Teachings
  • Mo’s Magical Ring Gem Association/Drawing Power & Abilities from 5 Different Gems/Colors
  • Magi Teachings (Abramelin the Mage)
  • Solomon’s Teachings
  • Jesus-Buddha-Mary Magdalene Ascended Teachings
  • The 24 Taras
  • Dolphins/Merpeople Alignment
  • Atlantis Consciousness Activation
  • The BRIDE
  • Melchizedek’s Teachings
  • Connection To and Work with The Trees (Garden of Eden)
  • Teachings from the Book of Life
  • Activation of Work In & Through The Tree of Life
  • Akashic Records: Access, Research Your Past Lives
  • Geometric Shapes
  • The Starseed Activation
  • Step Into Your Lightbody
  • Multidimensional Expression of Self
  • Name Your Choice Of Sacred Place Guided Spiritual Journey
  • Crystal Skulls Activation
  • Utopia Alignment/Consciousness Activation
  • Lemuria Consciousness Activation
  • 99th -3000th Dimension Guided Spiritual Journey
  • The VOID
  • Rescript Your Life Plan, Sign it with GOD
  • Blueprint Clearing Activation
  • Language of Light Knowledge Activation
  • Activation to Align and work with Libraries of Conscious Information
  • Sit with and Encounter The Teachings of the Members of the Council of GOD
  • Align with the 1402 Universal Beings
  • The Money Attraction/Financial Booster Activation

    Relevant 6 Past Life Ascension & Psychic Jumpstart sessions

    Also, to get numbers of people moving up faster through the world, largescale, I am offering group rates for Mo's Relevant 6 Past Life Ascension Method  item & for Psychic Jumpstart sessions! They are:
    • Party of 5, cost is $4,500. Pay for 3, get 2 completely free.
    • Party of 10, cost is $10,500. Pay for 7, get 3 completely free.
    • Party of 25, cost is $27,000. Pay for 18, get 7 completely free.
    For these numbers of people, I can still handle it through distance!
    • For every 100 people on group rating, pay for 72, I’ll give you 28 free!
    • For every 250 people, that will be 70 ascensions free!
    • For every 1000 people, that will be 280 ascensions free!
    For these larger numbers of people, I would consider coming to you & doing the work!

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