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  1. First, the intro video!  Second, there’s another video, the first sample session, Mo’s Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Activated Healing Session is in progress.  It won’t be my voice, it’s got a voiceover but it has my intent and exact wording, so it should work fine.

I’ll post that on a page on the blog & on the freebies page, as well as here, there and everywhere when I get it and yes, I’ll appreciate feedback on the session to know how it works this way, to know whether to have more made or not.

I recently stumbled upon some writing I’d done that I recently found that I thought was sort of interesting, because it was my attempt at picking up AFTER A Mystical Creation went offline, & I’m starting over, so I think I start there.  Here’s where I was and where I begin, now, so I can start at a common ground and find my way to where I’m headed.

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Note, Heads up!  The following writing is very, very long! At your  Own Risk…Just sayin’

Glossary of Spiritual Terms

What Language Are You Speaking

Mo: Spirit… Advanced

I decided I’d better define several of the words/terms I’m frequently using throughout the content of this site, and in my life and work, so people have a clue what I am even talking about. Believe it or not, I didn’t always speak this way, and when I would go to sites and read terms like these, when I didn’t already know them, it confused me. It registered as a different language. And, as the being who can work with the most beginner of Spiritual concepts, and turn them into developed psychics and then some, I realize I’ll have clients who are new to all of this, just as I once had been… and my need and duty to make it easy for them, so it doesn’t leave them confused and frustrated. You need answers to get where you are going, I’ve got those. If you still have more that you need after this, simply email me. I’m approachable.

First, let me tell you what I am. In one term. Free thinker. If that bothers you, I’m giving you advanced notice before you put your eyes on anything else on this page and run the risk of absorbing beyond your personal beliefs, so I don’t challenge those, or upset anyone while making their own way through life‘s journey. I’m an Advanced Metaphysical & SpiritualFREETHINKER an Expert in this Industry, though not recognized in the world as one. Spirit holds me as that.

In the work I’d done on my own Spiritual path, there were stories in the Bible about 2 of my prominent past lives and I had to set those limited, restrictive and otherwise progress-blocking and less than pure beliefs that were generated about those beings, in those stories, aside and it wasn’t hard to do, since Yahweh is the ONE that told me I needed to do that.

I analyzed every single belief, thought, theory, concept, method I’d ever been exposed to in this lifetime, so far. I tossed out what didn’t resonate as TRUTH, compared to GODLY truth. There’s a lot of cause for someone to be a freethinker, when they are ready, and it will happen, in due course, along their own journey.

Secondly, I want to say that I know what my individual truth is, I know it is fully aligned with GOD, and I also know that we are all individuals and all here to learn about our OWN selves and paths, so my path isn’t the issue, anymore. I completed mine, now I’m here for EVERYONE ELSE to help them to complete THEIRS. Mine is not the focal point, though it has been in the past because I was still undergoing it, and that is what gives me a foundation to begin from, for work on others’ paths and journeys, a starting point. An Ascension Process blueprint, if you will. You’ll only ever see that term, here, I’ll bet. I just made it up!

So, your path, where you are currently AT on your path, in your own Spiritual progress is MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, to me and to my entire HEALING TEAM, to the work that we will be doing together.

If something here doesn’t match what you currently believe, it’s your choice to TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, and even to take or leave me and my services, just as long as you find your inner strength to come back later, so my team and I can further help you, because this is where you will find TRUE Ascension Assistance that brings results. I have been told by Spirit, and also by clients who Spirit guides have LED or referred them to me, and my work, THAT Spirit refers people to find me, to seek my services so they will get TRUE results and progress.

Know also that I know my path was individual and all my own so it may never fully make sense to others who read it, for some, it does, for others, it won’t until others come to expand to the point of looking at the biggest picture of all, which is the beginning and the end times, together, because even those will look a lot alike, when deeply looked at, and for others, it just won’t ever matter a bit. Mine’s been done. It’s complete. It doesn’t matter a BIT to you or yours, except to show that I did the work, and this is where I arrived, but yes, I truly did begin at this starting point level and arrive at this whole entire other one in 7 short years, and I’m not just making ANY false claims of services or potential that you stand to benefit from and gain, in work with me.

Collective Truth for Mankind, Right Now… We are all individuals and we are all widely varied in our Spiritual progress levels, most of that is lower teachings that the majority of the collective of us are currently aligned with, so it is from a lose perspective that I’m coming into this, so in order to be MOST EFFECTIVE at what I’m trying to accomplish, I have to find a common ground to tie it all in, and generalize things a bit…so, below I detail a GOOD STARTING POINT for my WOULD BE CLIENTS.

For now just read the terms so you can better understand when I speak Mo to you. That’s what I call it, Speaking Mo. It’s just part of me. I’m not in any way meaning to speak beyond what someone can comprehend, to talk down to someone or make them feel like less or to seem selfish and ego driven in my methods, it’s really just that I had to create terms and keywords for a lot of what I do, because I don’t have commonly recognized names for many of them, I just access them, so by describing what I underwent on my journey gave me a means of letting others know I’d made advanced levels of progress, by telling my story, without a need for terming these otherworldly methods. I simply say ‘custom developed Spiritual services offered‘, and add to that ‘tell me what you need, I’ll deliver it‘.

My advice to everyone is take ONLY what you can resonate with, of my own story about my journey, as being true, leave the rest behind (because my path that I took is NOT the focal point to any of you, but is being used as my ONLY means to show all of you that I did do the work to have ever even arrived where I landed) and an even better rule of thumb is something that matches GOD’s own level of TRUTH, or aligns with GOD, always, at any point, allows for evolvement, growth and expansion at any point in time that we gain or grow or make more progress, within ourselves, just as life does, after making further progress in ourselves, and until then, simply won‘t.

No, that’s NOT the definition of insanity or even chaos, that’s evolution & enlightenment, Spiritual growth & expansion in the purest form.

So when you happen across something later on that resonates as truth, that didn‘t before, as long as you have fully tested it AS ACTUAL TRUTH and FOR ACCURACY you have grown, you have expanded. That’s your sign!

ONLY when the time is right, will any given idea, notion, concept register as true, to you, to me, to all of us, as individuals, ONLY at that right moment along our own journey, will that occur and that means that we grew to be in alignment with that new truth or concept, idea, theory, or method, and we did that by being open enough, without ourselves, to be able to learn, to accept that new concept as truth. That’s only one form of Spiritual growth.

Consciousness is awareness, understanding, knowing, and expression of being, of existence, of living matter and energy, and beings, that is developed based on existence. It’s fact, not theory, not opinion, and not manmade or invented with ill-intent or lack of regard for any other living being. Truth, awareness, accuracy are all higher forms or means of expression of consciousness, whereas lower forms would be opinion-based, based on only one portion or fragment or part of existence. Everything that is a living being, not an inanimate object, lives, breathes, exists and knows (or has consciousness) based on that existence, and based on all others. I’m NOT just talking about people, animals, I’m also talking about the dirt, the rocks, the trees and plants, everything has awareness that exists as a living being, I;m also talking about those beings not comprised of physical matter, but of other forms of matter, such as Spirit beings are comprised of soul, or etheric matter. On another more advanced level of this same concept, Earth has consciousness, Cosmos have it, Universe has it, and Divinity or Deity has it, too. Take the knowledge contained here to be just like looking deeply into Christ Consciousness. You can align yourself with the truths within these realms, within these levels, and come to relate to them in an advanced way and align with that truth and those teachings, and expand your being, by doing this, and those levels of consciousness serve as another form or means of expansion, of individual Spiritual growth.

I just described for you the 4 levels of consciousness (or KNOWING) that I worked through in my own Spiritual work and teachings with God and Gaia and the others, in this lifetime. The things you know, or currently believe yourself to know are clusters or fragments or tiny little splinters of what you HAVE KNOWN, in previous existences (lives that you have led). Stepping into the possibility of drawing from MORE of what you have been, in the past, is stepping into your MULTIDIMENSIONAL expression, or expanded expression, of yourself.

By my making that statement, I did just state that yes, there really is reincarnation. If this does not sit well with anyone, know this. So did the Bible state that there is, in Acts, no less. True, it was not in so many words, it was danced around and delicately touched upon, and here’s how it was pointed out, in Jesus’ Acts, when someone went looking for a specific being, John the Baptist, I believe it was (not aware he’d been killed…or other reasoning to that story) Jesus told them that John had JUST been walking around, in yet another expression of himself, as another of his lives, identities. After his own recent departure, after death!

And to take that just a little bit further… how advanced was that back then, that someone just dove right into another existence, right among the very lifetime he’d just departed from, walking alive again, around and among the same group of people he’d just left behind? Very advanced. I may have it a bit wrong, it’s been a while since I looked at it, to quote it precisely, so please feel free to look it up, yourself and do some research, it could be relating to the Prophet Elijah walking among them, which is even cooler, when you think about it!

But yes, Jesus told them why do you look for him, he was here moments ago and you didn’t recognize him, it implied reincarnation along with READING THE SOUL to identify self. Why would we have need to ever do that if we are only ever ONE IDENTITY, ONE SELF, ONE BEING, or our LIVING ONLY ONE TIME? We don’t have much of that level of Spiritual progress occur today, do we? There’s a very good reason for that. But, we need to move on… (Take it or leave it, stay or go, it’s free will choice, but I hope to catch you later, if you depart now. Love and light to you and do what’s truly best within, always.)

Christ Consciousness, then, would be stepping more closely to and coming to better know or understand beyond what the average person perceives things to have been about His story and teachings, and all that He was, and by doing that, you come to a point where you are relating closely to what Jesus did, thought, felt, how He must have realized more of the bigger picture and knew the purpose that He was here to serve, etc, so was an Advanced Spiritual Being upon being born into that existence.

Take the Biblical word Resurrection and call it then, Ascension and it stands to reveal more truth about that path a little more clearly as you look much more closely to what STEPS He took, in that one lifetime. Look at His path and all that He did, that He took and realize that He never needed to DIE, in order to redeem us. That was due to hate and jealousy and some other really lower or 3D behavior characteristics that align with Earth, coming from the Pharisees, the holy men who operated as government officials and held power and authority and ruled over the people.

The first things Spirit recommended I do, after I’d done the activation for psychic abilities on myself, after the work on the chakras, opening of 13 chakras and kundalini rising, was to open my heart center to the practice of unconditional love, which Jesus and the higher beings have for all beings, and to set ego aside.

These 2 help with relating much better to what Jesus was doing, and why and how He had the guts to actually do it, knowing that here, things were not of a positive polarity, where He was concerned, where Spirit matters were concerned, where what He had to say and teach those living were concerned, even that FAR BACK, it was that way. The Pharisees wanted to control what the people thought, or knew, so they could be in control of all aspects of people’s lives, even as early as THAT lifetime, so they eliminated Christ so He wouldn‘t open people‘s hearts, minds, or far worse, souls, so they would not lose control over the people because they had a sweet little thing going and didn’t want to give that up. Corrupt, though it was. Moving on…

To ALIGN with something is to come to match its vibratory frequency or rate, in your own being, by accepting it as truth or relevant knowledge, to accept it as consciousness or awareness, or to even express it within your current self. That’s whether it is a negative or a positive, in its own nature. Thoughts and beliefs and opinions and theories and even teachings and everything that you can believe in have polarity, have duality, and have power to create or block from creation or expansion, and can alter or affect what we can even reach, to work with, Spiritually once we believe in it. If we are aligned with lower or negative teachings, we won’t be able to access lighter natured ones that vibrate beyond our current frequency that we came to match by belief.

Expression, when I use it is: the full package or combination or definition or collective unit of all that defines us, that helps to make us who we are, were, had been, have been, and this expression can be one being, or a multidimensional expression, which is a gathering of many of our former beings and awareness pulled into or installed or activated into our current state of being, so we’ve stepped into MORE of an expression of our own selves, in every way that our current self operated while solo.

For instance, as Malina, I was 1/7 of what I became, when I did my journey and installed those other 6 prominent past life essences that I‘d received from my team members to install.

As Mo, I’m still here among all of you, walking still as a yet unfinished project, as a lesser expression than I have potential to be, out there, just as we all have, but I’m a higher expression, and more expanded and lighter aligned being than I had been. I expanded or grew it quite a bit, but too much is a bad thing, I was cautioned to only install those specific 6 essences, that they apply to this lifetime and my purpose, which is Collective Ascension of Mankind, but is also to restore balance to Earth’s polarity.

Polarity is positive and negative attributes or characteristics. Like Glenda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West. One is positive and has purer intent regarding others, one is more negatively centered and is a bit controlling, unbalanced, and self-centered and exhibits ill-intent where others are concerned. They have a negative agenda, in other words.

Duality is having opposite characteristics, at the same time, and often, even expressing them in ourselves. Duality in our own human nature is the tendency to do good or evil, at any given moment in time.

By no coincidence at all, these negative characteristics of polarity are some of the negative characteristics that are greatly and widely associated with an out of control ego. Think of the collective of mankind, on Earth, today, and also at Jesus own lifetime and see some of the negatives HARD at work, and then compare those to the state of the world, now, and also during that very lifetime, when Jesus came, and even beyond. What’s changed?

Unbalanced, like when I refer to the state of the world being unbalanced is like a teeter totter that’s up on one end and down on one, or coming from or centering toward more of a win-lose perspective. Someone gains, everyone else just goes without, like having a monopoly or controlling interest over something. Me, my, mine, I is just everything to someone with an unbalanced nature. They don’t care about anything or anyone else, just and only themselves.

Ego is self and we are to love self, but we are to also open to express love of others, and hold regard and concern for all of us in this world within, along with expanding further than that to love all beings, all species of being, and even everything in ALL. Setting ego aside, in the Spiritual practice, means opening to love and have higher levels of regard for others, as well or in addition to being self-serving, or not being self-centered or selfish, in a truly negative manner. Your only agendas benefit others, as well as yourself.

People accused me of doing that, of being that focused on myself, of being unbalanced ego-wise, but I was still defining everything I‘d just gone through without the terms to describe my experiences. To this day, I’m advanced to the point that I have abilities that don’t have terms that people would even recognize or would function the way that they every other commonly or widely acknowledged Spiritual practitioner ever has! It’s unheard of. Biochemistry majors who have become clients for Abilities Activations have been familiar with the term OS-MO-SIS, but it’s referred to as a water purification process widely throughout, otherwise, so it’s few and far between when someone DOES recognize even it. There are other abilities and healing methods and techniques that I can’t even begin to describe…

Even some Spiritually minded individuals can’t fully grasp all of what it is that I do, or how I do it.
It’s not common knowledge that I was referring to, when I was attempting to detail my own journey, so I wasn’t trying to be selfish or ego centered, I was revealing what I truly did, achieved, learned along my own individual journey. I was merely trying to find a means to express it to others so they would know I’d made some serious progress in hopes that they would find me and my work so progress could then truly begin to unfold for them.

To ALIGN with something is to come to match its vibratory frequency or rate, in your own being, and your own frequency and vibratory rate, by accepting it as truth or relevant knowledge, to accept it as consciousness or awareness, or to even express it within your current self. That’s whether it is a negative or a positive, in its own nature. Thoughts and teachings and everything that you can believe in have polarity, and can alter or affect what we can even reach, to work with, Spiritually. If we are aligned with lower or negative teachings, we won’t be able to access more positive or higher or lighter beings, to begin to work past the limited or blocked progress we‘re aligned with or matching, by accepting something lower and false as truth.

Take my explanation for negative and positive to also express or describe someone’s own alignment with something of lower alignment, or that holds lower vibratory rate to be beneath higher ones, and then expand on that concept by saying that Earth’s own energy is dense, heavy and way slower in frequency than the other higher planes have, and that lower concept can also be compared to as being darker natured or centered, and invented for selfish means or purpose, versus the higher planes frequency or vibratory rate, which follows the practice of unconditional love for all beings, and higher and more selfless methods and practice and behavior, which is much lighter in nature, but also in energy and essence, in how the beings are aligned who work with God, but also how that energy is freer and lighter and flows easily when you align with it.

For example, God is the highest being existent in the entire Universe, but God doesn’t enslave us or try to teach us limited or restricted teachings that will hold us down or keep us less, somehow, it’s up to us, the individual to come to make this journey, this Ascension journey, this SPIRIT-ual journey, that expands us and has potential to fully align us to Godly level.

Vibratory rate or frequency is your own ’song’. It’s your own individual frequency that you generate or give off, into the Universe, as well as in our cases, we also emit ours into the world, it’s based on what we are currently matching, in our essences and beings, what we hold as truth or accept, what we know, what’ we are, in our existence, in consciousness, it tells the story, component and characteristic, energetically and all that comprises us, the individual, of all of what makes us, and the same goes and every individual being, whether Spirit being or human, and even consciousness has this frequency to it.

Aligning with lower frequency limits our progress that we can even have. Aligning with more lighter and higher frequency in ourselves means we open doors, we can have further progress in ourselves, and in our lives that we lead, and even beyond this existence.

What I channel, in my services, is God’s own essence, combined with Universe’s own consciousness, it has intelligence at the Universal degree and centers about GOD‘s truth accuracy and ability to create, it has power to bring specific results to clients, through mere contact with it. It’s pure. So it shaves off some MAJOR AMOUNTS OF TIME, and brings INFALLIBLE RESULTS, given that the recipient works to shed limiting and restrictive belief, and alignment to lower methods teachings, beliefs, practices, etc. found mainly in the RELIGION and SPIRITUAL INDUSTRIES, in this world. Setting those aside opened a lot of doors, allowed for further advancement, and changed the frequency of my own SONG massively!

Manmade teachings won’t bring the same results of what GOD truly sent out as GOD’s own TRUTH and INSIGHT, that got long ago, in Biblical days, lost and buried and that‘s how God became distant and disconnected from us, from mankind. We grabbed inaccurate truths and blocked that relationship and connection, within ourselves.

Aligning with manmade Spiritual anything simply realigns everyone who believes or adopts or accepts it with the Earthly or Astral plane, those are the 2 lowest planes, there is no truth to what was created in either of those places that will lift you out and beyond, or that leads to soul progress or even has any business ever attempting to deal with SOUL MATTERS, or Spirit-ual matters.

Collective is not just about self. Self is only a fraction of the whole of mankind, one unit versus all of humanity, all of us here living life, right now.

Collective Ascension then, would defy everything we’ve gotten from mankind’s own history, in the past. No longer would only 1 or 2 beings Ascend in a given lifetime, but a much larger and more significant amount of us would. This would restore much needed balance to Earth’s otherwise negative polarity, based on a collective of vibratory frequency or alignment with lower teachings and beliefs, and currently not majorly expressing Spiritual concepts, methods, or beliefs, thus operating in a collective unbalanced, egotistical manner. That’s why the state of the world hasn’t improved any since Jesus came, served and fulfilled and completed His life purpose, when it could have improved greatly and hugely, if people had gotten the message from His being here. It was an underlying message and they missed it.

Collective Ascension Assistance and restoring balance to Earth is my life purpose, for this lifetime, in a nutshell. It’s what I’m here for.

You don’t begin school in 12th grade, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up, by learning. It’s the same way with Spiritual lessons and we’re here at the lowest plane, the Earthly or Physical plane, to work our way through school, through teachings that are found ONLY in the other higher Planes of Existence, in the bigger picture, and in the smaller one, in our own lives, it‘s our individual responsibility to see that our soul has expansion and growth and it still requires starting at the bottom and learning more advanced concepts as you develop and make progress. It’s also the SAME way with anyone who develops Spiritual expertise. Those who claim knowledge and skill and expertise but don’t truly have it, themselves, can’t draw from that knowledge or experience, and aren’t very smart, or even qualified to TEACH others, or work on their behalf, they just put on a good show, made false claims and won’t be able to EVER back that up.

I had to go through and fully complete my own Ascension journey in order to BE FAMILIAR with what was necessary or even truly applied to Ascension, and what did not, before I would EVER be truly helpful to others in my services and work, before I would ever successfully and truly BRING clients any results and I wasn‘t aiming for ANY when I made that intention to God, when I began this journey, I was aiming for as many as possible! But the stories I was telling didn’t align with others who had offered Spiritual Ascension services years before I ever underwent my own journey. Some took shortcuts. Some copied other’s website content and claimed it as their own, some saw that content and got ideas… but still didn’t do what it took to complete their OWN, but what benefit is that EVER going to bring someone’s SOUL?

I’ve even seen a listing on google for an ad for services that read: “Learn Reiki and Obtain Ascension“. There are probably millions of Reiki Healers in the world today and that’s NOT the source for Ascension, by far not!

I’ve been termed ‘a teacher of other Spiritual teachers and experts of this Spiritual industry‘.

It was told to me by my Healing Team, by God and the others that it’s truth that the majority of experts of this industry, in this lifetime, DO not fully realize what is truly involved in the Ascension process, because they never actually completed their own, and I was titled upon completion of mine as ‘The World’s Ascension Expert’ & I also have another title that came before that one, ‘The Human Activator‘. Spirit calls me Mo.

My Divine name that Yahweh and Azna assigned to me, upon obtainment of my Divinity in 2009, after full completion of Ascension in 2008, is Omega Mu. And that’s MY story, my own truth, my path that I took step by step unfolded as my Team Members taught me, slowly, so I could absorb what I was learning, and it led me to those results, my team member’s teaching led me there, but it was Spiritual source and an entirely Spiritual journey that I underwent. Not even one fraction of my actual journey story is necessary to anyone to Ascend, except knowing that I made it entirely through it. Noone needs to align with my story to make any level or degree of their own individual soul progress. Noone.

However, the developments that took place, those are very necessary to everyone in the world, right now. No Earthly plane or Astral plane aligned anything will ever lead to ANY degree, level, or form of actual, true SOUL progress. Moving on….

My focal point, in my work, in my services? The Client. You. Yours. Others. Everyone. Collective, humanity, mankind.

Individual soul progress is another term. What’s your story? What’s your own personal truth? What’s your history, what’s evolution leading you to? What will you be reclaiming that was and is yours to rightfully have and hold within your own being, for this lifetime, what are you stepping into or embracing or becoming in the big picture of all of this, what are you expressing now, while living in this otherwise limited plane, what stands to improve in that expression, so it grows or expands the expression of your self to more than you are right now? What has your own individual Spiritual journey led you to, SO FAR, what’s it leading to? What have you done, so far?

That’s a question that I ask every single client I have worked for, with, since I started selling Psychic Abilities Activations since 2005. I did them as far back as 2004, but didn’t ever offer them to public until 2005. It’s a very important question. It’s a starting point for me, from my end of our client-Mo and Team relationship.

So, let’s NOW DEFINE that common ground that is necessary for you and my team and I to work together. I know it’s hard to do, but the more you can set aside previously accepted and untested beliefs, and just go with THIS MAIN ONE, the better off you will be:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? Do you, within your own being, right now, currently hold the belief or accept or align with the truth that GOD exists? That’s it. That’s all you need to have a very good start, in the right direction, in our work with you, as long as you can open your mind to new teachings, thoughts, ideas and concepts, along the way during your Spiritual lessons.

Even if you don’t quite know what form or expression that deity or higher power or source or whatever comes in, if you hold the belief, in yourself, without doubt or fear or wavering back and forth or still debating or struggling with the issue of if GOD even exists at all, that makes all the difference in whether you are currently align-able with my work, with my services, at my own general and highly stepped off of effort at expression of it.

When you are ready to begin making actual and true and even swift levels of your own Spiritual progress, along your individual Ascension journey, we’re here to assist. It’s what we’re here for.

I am Mo. My HEALING TEAM and I are all here for each of you. Our work together is Divine and Universal. I trust that you will find us when it’s your time….

Love and light to you and yours, Mo



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