Shifting & Rescripting Reality

Shifting/Rescripting Reality

Reality isn’t meant to be what it used to be.   It’s not supposed to stay the same.  It was always supposed to evolve and change and expand, as we were….God had hope and purest intentions for us, for mankind, that we would MASTER finding the way to overcome reality’s seemingly fixed or unmoving facade and MOVE IT, as well as OURSELVES.

  1. God’s intent for us is higher than we can even imagine, because we live here and things are fixed so that it seems like we live in a box… until we begin to change the way we think about our own lives and situations and unlimit and unrestr…ict them, and doing that enables us to grow, to expand within ourselves and once we start seeing life much closer to what God has in mind for us, which is close to limitless as possible, opportunities abounding at all points, then Earthly frequencies match what we’re putting out into the world, about our newly imagined improved lives, and Universe does the same, doing that expands the reality around us. It’s not traditional to stay stuck. It’s not honoring God or Jesus to do that. They want us to have progress and to grow. Our growth and expansion expands everything else, like a domino effect.
  2. We’re writing future existences, right now, whether we imagine ourselves stuck in boxes, whether we feel that life is so tough and nothing can change that, whether we feel that God has failed us, no matter what we’re giving off, right now, we’re making MORE OF THE SAME… in future existences that we and others we care about will continue to experience and live in LATER.
  3. Think about it that way. Do you want an exact replica of where you are right now, in life, for those you truly care about, in 5 more lifetimes, how about 15, 30, 99? Staying stuck, feeling stuck, thinking life to BE STICKY isn’t the way out…. it never WAS.   Making progress, learning new thoughts to think, new beliefs to hold that raise and lift us up, soulwise, lifts where we are, in life.
  • God never said  Doubt me always and leave yourself where you are so you don’t ever give me any competition or a good run for my money. God said something more along the lines of:  go forth and multiply, which to me translates more to be:  live well and prosper.    Notice He never said do without, create a huge brick wall between you and prosperity and abundance so you won’t ever actually obtain it, so it’s always out of your reach, generate ONLY LACK and more of it than any abundance for yourself because I’m a lesser being and I only want others to go without or suffer, so I can feel better about myself that way.
  • That’s a manmade thought and belief and way to be.  Lack and the IDEA that there ever was ANY FORM of LACK in any of our circumstances and situations and lives was invented by man and placed within our beliefs.
  • And it was our responsibility and our free will choice to accept or reject the idea, every idea that we’ve ever given belief to.  We believed it, therefore, we bought into the idea of it and we accepted it for our circumstances, for our lives.   Limitation developed from man, not God.  Maybe soulful prosperity was what HE actually intended, instead of monetary or materialistic, but this applies to all areas and aspects of our lives.


The answer to rewrite things is to UNDO the BELIEF that THERE is LACK in our lives.

  1. If you reimagine or reinvent reality, by feeling and believing that opportunities come from all sides, from all areas, from everywhere, infinitely, in your own life, by thinking it is possible for your life, for existence, you could actually HAVE that experience AS your life circumstances. This life, reality is what we make it by our THOUGHTS and our EMOTIONS about this life, about what we’re experiencing and encountering and enduring in our life. Every life existence is set up or operates or functions that way.
  2. It was never a secret… there was a book that one of the Archangels gave to Adam, and Yahweh agreed to let Adam and Eve keep it. It was called the BOOK of LIFE. It contained all of that inside information that GOT LOST through the generations about MASTERING EARTHLY existence. Life is set up to be this simple, it REALLY WORKS this way. If we focus on our reality, our current circumstances as our primary focal point, whatever that is based on the status quo or the collective of what’s happened that led all of us to our worldly conditions, we’re getting MORE OF IT, because we’re taking it in, putting it right out into the world, into Universe unaltered, unchanged, unscripted, untouched basically until we take a much more hands-on approach on our life circumstances and Earth and Universe and the laws in which they work can only GIVE what we SEND OUT back to us.
  3. Earth and Universe operate that way, only, they can’t overstep, alter or rewrite what we are thinking or sending, they can’t contradict or counteract, so if we’re centering our thoughts around negative circumstances, we’ll receive it, and if we’re centered more around positivity, we’ll begin to receive that, once we’re sending that out, in place of the negative thoughts we used to hold.
  • Creating the kind of life we really WANT means focusing on OTHER, more ideal circumstances, the ones we want to have but don’t have, yet, PRIMARILY, more than focusing on the current reality’s circumstances, until the ratio increases so NEW REALITY the one we’re hoping to create for ourselves outweight OLD REALITY. At that time, changes would begin to take place and shifts would begin occur and from there, the more NEW POSITIVE THOUGHTS you are thinking, that’s what you are focusing on and sending out into the world, and into Universe, that’s what THEY CAN THEN DELIVER BACK TO YOU.   It can’t be overwritten or overstepped or changed to be somehow LESS by Earth or Universe.
  • Thoughts attract, thoughts and beliefs are the BASIS for reality, emotions tell us how we’re doing, thoughtwise, they are a measuring device.  If what we think feels rotten or lower, we’ll feel negative and rotten in living our life, about our lives and our lives won’t be very rewarding, due to this entire thing.   Likewise, life improves once we start feeling better about our thoughts and beliefs that we hold and it will begin to feel better to live life.
  • The key to have more of what we want, in life, is to begin screening our thoughts and centering them away from more of what we don’t want, and more toward what we do.

Love and light to you and yours,  Malina

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