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Please understand upfront, this test and the writings that I will post on this blog, the textual content & graphic header on this website is my copyrighted material.  It’s existed for a while–I wrote it, I channeled it.


Not sure where to start? Not sure if you need my services? Consider taking a test of all spiritual progress that you have made, that your guru has helped you obtain, thus far and find out where you stand on your own Ascension path, before getting any of my services. (I’m willing to bet you have not reached as high as you have been led to believe you have because my methods of Ascension are highly advanced and completely different than what‘s being taught out there, commonly, and I learned mine from God, Themselves.) It’s a simple test, it won’t take more than a few moments.
Test your own spiritual progress as well as others around you, right now, and know for certain what you have achieved and what you have not.
All I want you to do is take a moment and sit still and quiet, close your eyes, cover them with your hands or a hand if you need to, take a few relaxing breaths, and try to look within your mind’s eye area for a color. That color signifies what progress you have made. Remember it.

Black, with no other colors in it means you have made NO spiritual progress, we’re talking NONE!
Red means that you are not even reaching high enough to leave this Physical Plane, which is Earth, so you are only tapping into Earthly or lower connections and lower teachings. Earth teachings are low, by nature, because people haven’t realized they need to reach up through spirit to access higher teachings, yet. Earthly concepts are that Spirit is lower teachings, that Earthly ones are higher. NOT so.

Orange means that you are primarily connecting to and operating from the teachings that are equivalent to the Astral plane, NOT a place of accuracy, and you will need to rise above that as soon as possible, yes-men and hitchhiker beings reside there. Please know that it is very important that you protect yourself when working in that plane. If you haven’t, if there are problems that arise later, seek a Shaman for their services.

Yellow means that you are finally making significant spiritual progress. You are able to reach the Mental Plane, this is mainly a reflective plane. Archangel Michael is one of the strongest beings in Spirit, but he protects newbies by operating from the Mental plane and up. You will start gaining access to higher thinking, become more of a free thinker and begin practicing unconditional love, at this level of progress. He’s a means of reaching the actual truth, so higher concepts than someone has been able to reach before, in the other 2 Planes, as well as protection from lower beings, when doing spiritual work.

Green means you are making a connection to the Causal Plane. This is where spiritual work actually begins. Causal, to cause things. You can start working to bring about positive change in your life from this plane, NOT before.

Blue-green means that you are reaching the Buddhic Plane. Ascended Masters and their higher teachings can be reached from this plane, NOT before. (That means that you won’t begin working on your own ascension path until you can successfully reach this Plane of Existence easily and you would need to be at a mindset that is fairly open to the concepts of the teachings that you will learn from your own connection to spirit, at this level, so you can even benefit from them. You would NEED a connection to spirit and abilities in which to receive the information they send you, thus people NEED psychic abilities for their own ascension journey, most experts out there don‘t acknowledge that because they aren‘t reaching that high, themselves.)

Indigo blue means that you are reaching and able to now work with the Angelic Plane, spiritual protection and bodyguards and guides and overseers step in and work with you as part of your healing team, etc. Angels are not as easy to reach as most people indicate.
Often, Astral Plane beings, lower beings, pretend to be angels, saints, ascended masters, etc and they teach false teachings, that’s why people need to validate their connections and their work and they sometimes don’t do that, that’s why people have the misconception that a constant spiritual connection to angels are common in this world. Angels are one step away from the plane that God resides in, and people don’t commonly reach that.

Violet means that you can NOW gain a connection and an actual working relationship with God, if you so choose to have that, you have reached God at this point. It means that you are NOW on your way to beginning your Ascension journey. It’s not as easy or as common as people think and teach in the world, if you haven’t established connection to the Divine Plane, the 7th Plane of Existence, beyond Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue-Green, and Blue you have NOT even begun your Ascension Journey. Once you reach violet, you can then begin that journey.

Accuracy, integrity, and higher and purer states of awareness and INTENT for everyone was what GOD saw in me, so my entire journey was based upon my becoming the being that would not only complete my own ASCENSION, but also, had opened into a Spiritual being who already focused outward, to others, through their own abilities, so I could just as easily HELP OTHERS WITH THEIRS, while applying higher teachings that GOD taught me, by channeling purest states of higher essence that I am DIRECTLY connected to, delivering clients higher accuracy in my work so that what occurs or results IS ACTUAL and DOES BRING RESULTS.

Bottom line, layman’s terms:
You won’t find better services or someone more qualified, anywhere!

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    1. I won’t truly offer it until my (tester) repeat client has won, and until I myself have won!! When the repeat client wins, he’s going to have some words to say in some form of testimonial, believe me!! He did the same for the Psychic Abilities Activation when he became a channel & he did also receive a lot of activity when he underwent his Ascension Mastery Activation. Once it’s proven, I’ll then offer it once clients have obtained Psychic Abilities Activation & Ascension Mastery Activation, because I developed those at the beginning of my own path and let’s face it, there are no others mapping a road to lottery wins, and my path HAS LED ME here! Following it is the only way to obtain better odds than the lottery normally offers people. Love & Light to you & yours, Malina aka Mo

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