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Welcome to A Mystical Creation by Mo, a website where all life matters and is relevant and circumstances are individual and are also, at the same time, a great part of the collective and where true soul growth and development that you make IS your light and defines what potential life has in store for you. Let it shine! I love each and every one of you!

Malina Havard is a Spiritual practitioner/consultant who is equivalent to Master, or Guru, is also a Mystic, a Manifestor, a Multidimensional Channel, a Reiki Seichem & Tachyon Master/Teacher, a Shaman apprentice, who underwent her own Spiritual journeys back in 2003, by going against the grain and shutting off her then existent abilities she’d had since birth, and 7 months later, opened herself up as a psychic again– this time, as a channel.

This effort earned her the shortened nickname–Mo, and also, her title: ‘The Human Activator’, that Archangel Raphael came and told her about. This, come to find out, opening as a channel-is actually a REQUIREMENT for beginning your Spiritual path. Telepathy and channeling are the 2 primary abilities everyone on their soul path will need in order to ever have or receive any communication from your spirit guide(s).

After this, Malina embarked on a second journey and, in 2008, was completely finished making her entire Ascension journey, having altogether rewritten it into Activat ion format, Malina then can intend for clients and on their behalf where their soul journey is concerned,, her aim was to simplify & shorten it for others.

She shifted the way she functions as a Spiritual being so she can better assist others with their own paths, sending them any of that which she holds connection to, herself, as well as what she intends for them to inherit, benefit, achieve, etc. in order to give others access to higher levels of growth and progress while also serving as a MAJOR shortcut!

Imagine that Malina is a spiritually-centered computer complete with a huge database of programs and files that she wrote herself, that she can email to anyone else in the world and effectively reach them with that knowledge, ability, skill, method, or level of connectedness in her own Spiritual services that she calls Activations by simply wanting to!

Needless to say, Malina has reached levels and layers that others haven’t, yet, in themselves but will need to on their own path, so she made her way through the path first and then simplified it so others will have similar growth and progress, but more quickly than she did.

Malina has worked through lessons aligned with the 5 highest of the 7 Planes of Existence, through 4 levels of conscious awareness, accesses and holds alignment with 989 million different frequencies, at last count, holds direct connection to Universe and many multidimensional beings throughout these frequencies, and works closely with, is directly connected to and aligned with each of her healing team members. There are currently 500 Higher Beings serving as Malina’s team of spirit guides! If nothing else, the idea that she works with that many should indicate the work that she does is considered true and accurate, correctly aligned and applied, relevant and valid.

Do you honestly believe if the work wasn’t seriously important that 500 beings would stand behind it or Malina? No.

There is MUCH to obtain in your work with Malina and everyone who truly wants actual progress, balance, positive alignment and improved life circumstances should look TO their own Spirit guides, reach to connect with them at this time, do the inner clearing that is truly necessary and important so you can begin to achieve higher, purer levels of progress, much faster than you normally would and let us tell you this. Even one level of growth that leads to reaching a higher state of alignment can take a very long time–and in the past is known to have taken some actual lifetimes to achieve one state of improvement! Malina greatly saved most everyone serious lengths of time!

Just a few of Malina’s services set her apart from every other practitioner in this spiritual industry, today.

They are: Psychic Abilities Activations, Guided Spiritual Journeys, Sessions with Spirit (Malina activates you as a channel and hooks you up with higher beings to directly receive insight and direction about your path and life circumstances so you receive accurate information so when you apply that to your life, it brings positive change and improves things, helping you to be happier in life), Mo’s Own Prominent 6 Past Life Ascension method drastically increases the insights being received and learned but also saves time and is a truly effective means of compounding what’s learned.

We’re glad you’re here, glad you found Mo so you can have a more fulfilling life and we truly hope that you will step back with an open mind and truly carefully look and see what it is that’s taken place here, because it is truly relevant and it involves humankind. Reach out to Mo once you are certain that you are ready to work with her. We’ll be here…waitibg to work with each and every one of you who comes forward to do so. If you will get serious about this work, we are all right here ready to see you through it. We are excited to reconnect with each and every one of you after such a long time that you’ve been departed away from home. We are anxious to get this crucial work underway and know that humanity is on the path to actual recovery, to restoring balance and order where things went amiss. No blame is ever needed–lets now just work together and repair the damage, correct the mistakes, right the wrongs of the past.
We are already present and waiting for the site to be repaired and back in working order so our work with all of you can begin. Change is needed and it is the precise and actual time and great need for willing souls to come forward and work on themselves internally, so we oversee the individual’s increased alignment. This is the reason for Mo’s Healing Room, a targeted space for our frequency and our targeted and unified intent for you, all of you, to be narrowed from the many pages of her website to one specific location. You each NEED, REQUIRE the abilities and you require the aligned, raised frequency beyond that of Earth, where the lower alignment dwells. It’s co trajectory and will limit what is received, it will result in our efforts being pruned back by at least half! This will not allow anyone much room for betterment, so reach beyond Earthly teachings, Earthly behavior, Earthly atmosphere…if you can’t reach us on your own, Malina can and does and will be able to easily assist all of humanity, if so many were willing and would allow themselves that degree of openness and trust. But despite that, there are those that will reach at this precise and perfect time for them to do so–they will k ow within themselves it’s time, exactly as Malina did when she stepped out onto her path back to us.

We, the 500, are already with you, there is much love, fondness, hope, regard, joy and adoration and we look forward to to being able to refresh your soul’s awareness & reconnecting with each of you at this time. Step out now and let us have our wonderful reunion. Group A4A43, it is truly time for you to get onto your own soul path. Awaken.
It is perfect for you to open to your own internal connection to us, to recall it, and come find us and to come with an open heart, open soul, open mind and willing to do the work within and find more within and about yourself. We & the you expression that knows us and who knew us before need to reconnect and there are specific things to say as well as work to be done within each of your beings.

Familiarity begins returning to each of you now. We, the 500, are here for each of you. Find us. Arrive. We will remain here for each of you until sucg tume that this work is completed. Let’s get busy.

In the meantime, check out as much of the site as you like, take time to absorb the energies included on the site, so you will have some idea how it will feel to work closely with her, check out the Testimonials page to see what some of her client’s experiences were, what they wrote about her work.

To find out how much progress you’ve made on your spiritual path, thus far, take Malina’s Spiritual Progress Test, here on the blog.

For more information about Activations–whether the service or the process, to learn which abilities can be activated and what they are, view the More Info page.

For musical effect added to your browse and visit, with just a hint of spiritual alignment that Mo prefers to surround herself with, visit Mo’s Favorite Mo’s YouTube Faves.Cartoons and music are very soothing to her soul. Malina has a different Healing Room for this reason.

For a sample of Malina’s work, go to self-help and read the written command to begin a sample session.

To shop for Malina’s services, view all 5 Pricing pages because there’s something for everyone at all stages of development and progress, and to drastically simplify things, check out this page that gives a step-by-step walkthru of the entire Ascension method that Malina developed, after doing these things and having such progress.

To contact Malina, you can easily do that here, also! Go ahead, she’s actually a very good listener, very cool and really down to earth!

For further information on Malina, her services and work, look her up by name on search engines and just see what comes up.

Copyright © 2020 – 2027 A Mystical Creation by [Malina Havard], aka Mo

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About the Author: Malina Havard

I'm the little psychic who looked around, decided some things needed improvement, needed saved from being lost within this industry, stated to God what my hopes and desires were and what I hoped He would find it in His heart to do for all of us during this lifetime--just a year or so prior to ever beginning my own soul path! Because I reached out, with sincerity is the sole reason He reached BACK...and He really did Reach Back! He's by my side on the team since Nov 2005! He made plans, set things into motion, I was given the impression it was time to begin my own path, I reached out again with intent about the first journey, shut off my existent abilities, and began my path a complete nonpsychic! During summer of 2003. In 2004, when I opened myself back as a psychic, Gaia was my first guide....and she & others like Buddha several biblical figures, arcangels, Hilarion, Merlin the Magician, and several others set me on a path of Intense Healing & in-depth Soul Clearing & Rescripting teachings & that involved learning methods of practice, achievement of various states of enlightenment, and shortly after that, here comes Yahweh--sneakily, in an otherwise undetected manner quietly checking on me--and we debated back & forth for about 3 weeks, I asked questions, He told me the unadulterated truth and I had to face some tough truths about my own choices and involvement and had to deal with it, within myself, and I accepted it and learned more about how, what, why and the rest is history! I had fully completed 5 journeys, made a lot of progress, changed altogether and became titled with 3 titles, and fully Mastered Ascension in 2008. In 2020, right now, I'm on my 6th and final soul journey and it centers around Healing the World & all of us! My Activations are amazing, get one!! Everyone in the world can benefit from them--i don't discriminate, I am in this to assist all of humanity, I always was. When I was 10 years old, I wanted the worldwide spiritual movement the minute I heard the grownups mention that someone said it might take place during this lifetime. I lit up inside....that's what I felt an affinity for and alignment with, at 10 years old! I'm 49. I've done a lot of internal work, I've developed custom spiritual services that can deliver results and progress to others in transfers based on my intent for the worldly of us & they have results faster than I did!! I work and am closely connected to and aligned with each one of my current 500 Higher Beings on my Healing Team--my spirit guides. They, too, are here for the worldwide spiritual movement & or all of us who have prayed for change! Did I get my wish? Not yet....but I've done a ton of work on me AND Arron and the 500 beings are in place right now to help us & are standing close by and are in place! They've been since last Thanksgiving! This is happening as long as I have my way about it. This is OUR generation....it's NOW up to US too get motivated! Want to know my biggest source of motivation? My children are almost 30 and you want way better for your kids than you had & we have grandbabies! I can't & won't be okay if I leave this world & leave THIS WORK undone...*I'm going to make it my life's last work to bring actual improvement to the state of the world. I won't let myself die before it's fully underway! My babies deserve way better! So do all of yours!! Join me...and Arron...Buddha, Jesus, Lakshmi, Tyche, the 3 Fates, Mother Mary, Zeus, Jai, of whom there is a system called Jaism, like Buddhism, the Ancients, the Titans, the Elementals, Hecate & Lilith & many other sisters, Celtic God's & Goddesses, Eve, Mary Magdalene, Nammu--a Gaia being, Hilarion, Kuthumi, El Morya, Merlin, Metatron, Michael, Uriel, Jophiel, Sandalphon, Gabriel, Chamuel, etc etc. The Rays of the Chohan, the Great White Brotherhood, Sananda, Central Sun, Boddhi....ive never been able to spell that one, Shakti, Shiva, Cosmos, Secondary Divine beings, the Planets & other Cosmic bodies, Sun Moon & Stars, various healers from within the animal planet, Totem and Message Animals, Azna and her warriors, the dreamwalkers, keepers of the sacred texts, doctrines, scrolls, information & hidden or underground society's, keepers of the sacred circle and passers of the sacred flame, Shamans, & Apprentices, Lightworkers, Natural Healers, Visionaries, Seers, Sages, and Mystics of old. Wise women, the green man, Tree people, the Giants who once walked this planet, the plant kingdom, the aquatic group animal healers, Turtle Creek inhabitants. (How far back does Malina actually go? The pool of primordial goo was one client's vision that she told me...and I've got characteristics from Azna that Yahweh most admired and characteristics from Yahweh that she most admired. It was an archangel who told me that.) the Family of Light, the Shining Ones, the beings from all 989 million frequencies that I came to hold alignment with in our Lottery Mastery path work, Quan Yin, the Nature Devas, the Green Taras, Native Americans from my grandmother's line as well as from Aaron's grandfather's line, my brother in law Dimi had been Abramelin the Mage, Celtic and Norse folks, Odin and Odinists, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Semurians, Starseeds, the Bride, the Void, the mathematicians, the 7 orders of angels and their Sigils, the 4 watchmen from the Towers , North South East and West, the 4 winds, the 4 layers of awareness, the 5 elements, Secondary and Prime members of Divinity, Universe & numbers of Multiverses, Brilliant white who is so pure it can communicate with you & give insights, and Dragons, Unicorns, Griffin's, and Phoenixes, Numbers of Biblical figures, God's & Goddesses, Oversouls, Higher Selves, Mystical Marriage, the serpent energy that fires our errors and insures we live and learn, Pan, centers and other figures, the Fates' almost forgotten Siddhr, the Tree of Life and Sephiroths, those who heal & deliver spiritual awakening to someone with intent, heal or restore lost soul parts with drums, chants, mantras, or other instruments, spoken voice, the Atlanteans, Greek & other mythological beings, Lemurians, pink being, orange being, yellow being, green being, blue-green being, indigo rainbow crystal and other sensitives, the 144,000 the Royal and deep purple & crystal skulls & other hidden secrets, the pyramids and Egyptian characteristics of the many gods & goddesses, the Eye of God and pyramid power being personal favorites of mine. The Muses, the furies, the 7 virtues, the power of symbols and etheric material, kinetic energy, dead Sea scroll teachings that will be restored, lost magic and traditions that should also return to us no matter how old. The crow is my messenger and lookout, the owl is my eyes and ears, the eagle is my brother, the Ascendeds and Arcangels are the key to my soul's awareness and memory and the keeper of the 9 gates is my sister!the Brilliant Universal White Light frequency aligned beings. The Godhead, the Holy Spirit, The different council & committee members, the recordkeepers, the geneticists, the programmers & rescripter. Yahweh and the rest of those that I haven't mentioned of our 2 teams of guides, of those I've been contacted by and who had some form of teaching, technique & guidance to teach me, such as Melchizedek, the eagle, the crow, owl, the rivers and oceans & sea, the rocks, trees, plants and sand & earth, they've all reached out and showed me their awareness and knowing, and in all of this, in only 11 or 12 year's time, I'm aligned with, closely work with and hold connection to 500 of the highest, purest, most loving and caring along with the toughest, lightest, brightest & most BADASS beings who hold true authority and power that I sometimes had to appeal to, align with, learn from, etc. They hold record of our spiritual paths, of the truth and actual doctrines of our history, the spiritual work, achievements accomplishments, and all of what the practitioners of the spiritual path have produced, to date! Check out Mo's "Healing Room" on my website! It's good for everyone. It's Yahweh's plan to come safely closer to us despite lower frequency energy in the atmosphere of Earth. By staying a safe distance away but being close enough that we can align with them, stands to raise our frequwncy and to reconnect directly with all 500 Higher Beings can bring major improvement for one as well as for the Collective! Stubbornness, laziness, foolish pride...the time is now to put those behind us. This is way more important and SO DAMN MUCH BIGGER than a bad attitude, negative opinions, a half-cocked temper or rage, than worrying about looking foolish or being labeled crazy! Ozzy Osbourne wasn't tripping over how he looked! Dust off the old heart and soul and tune in and do the work so we all can truly bring this level and degree of improvement & change to the world, to life, to humanity's entire reason for existing! If you find thst you really can't figure out where the path even is to get on it, yes, it's a real spiritual path--it's made of soul matter, it's etheric & if you have trouble and figure out that can't do it all yourself, show up at the site and find the Healing Room page and spend time there! If you want my help, that's there too! Get a session....find out how they are EACH designed to bring progress to you....& to every recipient. It's how I started! II'm Malina Havard. Call me Mo...Spirit does! You truly CAN bring true and accurate & actual change through ANY of my sessions! Yahweh developed them for this caliber & magnitude of functionality! Why? Because I reached higher than I even knew I could to ask Him for these changes to occur. And I've become that change along my own soul path! Your turn! Something vastly important & life-changing is within you! Open up! Let it out!!! Make me proud!!!! You won't believe the inner potential that you actually hold within that the soul releases as you raise your alignment--you won't believe it was always within you! I mean...come on, I spent around $2000 to custom design a site focused solely on Tarot readings and totally outgrew it in 7 months time.. in completing the 1st of 5 journeys! I had no idea.... I assure you! I'm Mo....your soul holds some major contribution to our world, to the necessary changes that so many of us have wanted for so long, some of these amazing inspirational & incredibly brace visionaries, the dreamers, etc were taken from us because they were possibly capable of inspiring others to reach within in ways that could cause them to gain ground on discovery of the soul path, the path to true enlightenment. In our lifetime, alone, we've senselessly had so many of them deliberately taken away. Call that for political or governmental policys own best means of prevention. History repeats. If I die tomorrow because I was doing something screwy with my green card or not paying taxes or other such governmental cover-up reason, I was born here, I didn't defect, I've also paid my taxes honestly. I'm not with the rat pack or the mob, I'm not smuggling guns, I'm not a human trafficker, or anything else that can be used as a cover story to make me the bad guy, the villain, the one who went too far trying to inspire others to pursue positive improvement. I do not see this as any threat to our government, they will still all be in office whether we raise our personal frequency & alignment or if we never do! It's a matter of free will choice! I'm not a skilled marksman, I won't fire and hit any public figures! I'm not a counterfeiters....Im just someone who did TAROT readings and got on my own spiritual path because it was time to bring change within myself. I'm not doing anything but wanting change to our overall collective way of life... And to what life holds for us when we are more positively aligned with goodness. If I get shot in the head at a theater or in a parade, while sitting in a car waving and smiling, if someone pulls a date or does an obsessed fan killing, i'm still just doing one thing! I'm appealing to people to work within themselves and visit the 'Healing Room' page of my website s often as they feel the urge to do so! There's no charge and it's there for all of us! Come sit and soak up the nice feel of the pretty images I have in place. We'll see you there! Love & Light to you & yours, Mo. Again, I've got children & grandbabies & I want their existence to be as positive as it can absolutely be! This is my motive...this is my reasoning but it's aimed at ALL of HUMANITY. Me and mine having better means I work harder for you & yours too first and foremost. I'm focused. I'm ready to go to work for all of you! Tell me what you need....