Read the command for the sample of your choice ALOUD, state my exact words, exactly as I have written them, so they match my actual intent behind the samples and serve to power the commands, because they’re based on my own connection to Universe, and find a quiet place and just relax and be open to what comes next.  It’s best to pick a time when you can sit still and quietly and allow the processes to run uninterrupted. If you feel sleepy, sleep, it’s okay to do that in the case of healing sessions. This is an actual REDUCED SAMPLER of Mo’s Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Activated Healing Session that I custom developed, test drive it here, now. Say out loud: “Universe, at this time, it is my will and intent to activate the Mo’s Own CHAKRA CLEANSE AND BALANCE…[REDUCED SAMPLER  LEVEL(15 minutes)] for anyone who reads this command aloud, a one-time use per visitor.   Please do this now.” When it fades off, come back and purchase the full version because it lasts hours and often well into the night.  It feels absolutely wonderful, rejuvenates, replenishes, and revitalizes recipients.  A client told me once that if I could bottle this item and the feeling that it gives whoever receives it, I’d be RICH!!!! This is an actual SAMPLE of the Meridian Flush Activated Healing Session.   It was Reiki, now it’s been customized and converted into a Mo’s Activation.  Sample it here now. Say out loud: “Universe, at this time, it is my will and intent to activate the FREE MERIDIAN FLUSH ACTIVATED HEALING SESSION…[REDUCED SAMPLER  LEVEL (15 minutes)] for anyone who reads this command aloud, a one-time use per visitor.   Do this now.” When you know that you’d like the full version, it lasts 7 to 12 hours and provides complete cleansing to every meridian that runs throughout the body.  This is total relaxation. If that’s STILL not enough for you, I have another SAMPLE ACTIVATION SESSION for you.   I custom developed this SERVICE and I called it Mo’s Own RUNNING THE COLORS LIFE IMPROVEMENT STRATEGY Healing Session Activation for Arron originally and he loved it, so I offered it for clients. Say out loud: ” Universe, at this time, it is my will and intent to run the SAMPLER VERSION of Mo’s Own Running the Colors Life Improvement Strategy Healing Session  Activation [REDUCED SAMPLER LEVEL (15 minutes)], run through all 24 colors, a one-time use per visitor.   Please do this now.” This is going to be a 30 minute FREE SAMPLE of Mo’s Own Prominent 6 Past Life Ascension Method.   I know you’ll love it.   I also have testimonials about it from a client, that yes, my Ascension method that I developed while taking my own Ascension journey certainly does bring definite results to others.  So, here it is. Say out loud: “Universe, at this time, it is my will and intent to run the SAMPLER VERSION of Mo’s Own Prominent 6 Past Life Ascension Method Activation [REDUCED SAMPLER LEVEL] (30 minutes)], a one-time use per visitor. Please do this now.” If you find that you felt that something very valid occurred during the running of any of these samples of the services that I offer, and feel the need to receive the FULL effect and the results that you will achieve or obtain from receipt of them and know that you want a SESSION, go to the Pricing page.  These and many others are listed there. Now, on a much more serious note, I have a few more samples to place here for people who truly NEED them. The Activation Healing Session for People with Cancer and Other Terminal Illnesses…  this one’s full-length, full-strength and can be accessed as many times  as someone wants to. Say out loud: “Universe, at this time, it is my will and intent to HEAL  (state your name) entirely of (name your illness) COMPLETELY, at this time, with frequency from level 999,999.  Please send this full-strength healing along with God’s own love and light and divine intervention into my specific circumstances and life merged into a healing session for (choose either an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 to 8 hours, 12 hours, or overnight).  Let this be all that is necessary to fully wholly completely cure my illness.  Please do this now.” Please direct those you know who suffer from some disease or terminal illness to this page, to this portion of the page. God’s Will and Intent, Purity, Grace, Love and Light to you and yours, Mo