History-About AMCbyMo

History of A Mystical Creation by Mo (AMCbyMo)

Some of you may already know, some of you may not.  Malina Havard and AMC aren’t new to each other. Malina had the original A Mystical Creation website designed for the purpose of deliveringTarot readings to clients.

In 2003, Malina stated her intent about aWorldwide Spiritual Awareness and requested a means of providing Collective Ascension to Yahweh and, at the precise moment that she felt Spirit prompt her, she totally shut off her existent psychic abilities and embarked on her Spiritual path.  Some might think that would be the end of Malina–it wasn’t. Based on a method she had concepted, Malina did something else out of the ordinary and went against the grain, yet again, and that also caused fantastic results, at a very rapid rate.

In September, 2004, to open herself back up as a psychic, 7 months after she began her first soul journey–she had Universe to mirror back her stated intention, and instructed him (masculine energy) not to add nor take away or change anything, abilities were Activated by Malina but they were different.  

Malina became a channel 7 months later and met her first spirit guide, LEN…and it was nice but was also short-lived, because as she made further progress, on the 2nd journey, the new channeling abilities changed & with more progress, resulted in development of several different abilities and her functionality was now altogether different, leaving Malina, aka Mo, titled ‘The Human Activator’, not a channel who functions internally and no longer capable of being one who performs psychic readings for clients, meaning the original AMC website and Mo were no longer matching, or aligned.  

Change had occurred within Malina, so now it would have to occur in the website, in her work, in the services she’s offered. 

Programs for individual psychic abilities that Malina, herself, has were created first.  Psychic Jumpstarts were first offered for sale on eBay in November of 2005, (just a year after Mo became a channel!) when she inherited Jai and Yahweh as her next 2 guides on her team. 

 The very next thing that happened was that ACTIVATION SESSIONS became all that Malina offered, due to her functionality enabling her to send out to her clients) A custom program was created for Malina to perform delivery or transfer sessions and, once it was installed into her being, she operated out of intention rather than through her eyes (The merge of Psychic & Dragon on the graphic header showcases Malina & Jai’s work together before Activations became much much easier! Her eyes would change from blue to green when Spirit was near to channel or work with & she was instructed by Jai to send to clients out of her eyes!)  

No longer using Tarot or performing readings due to development of progress & different abilities & changes, the first attempt at a replacement site for AMC was one in which the title centered around the custom services that Malina was programmed with called Activations by Mo. They truly do operate solely off of Malina’s purely aligned intent for worldwide Spiritual awareness growth and progress.  She states her intention for a client to receive a session & as with the Law of Attraction, Universe sends it. That site was: Activations by Mo.

There was another bit of progress in Malina’s path and another name change…Spiritual Activations by Malina, this one reflects that Malina’s focal point became soul work/writing programs herself, rescripting things out of her will,intent & stated command became a capability. The 2 soul related advanced abilities that Mo developed allow her to live her physical existence while also stepping into the spirit world safely.  Malina actually has awareness of both at the same time, always. Anytime, at will, she can look in at the Divine plane & see & hear the goings-on, as well as connect others with it in her Guided Spiritual Journey. She discovered she could do this in 2006. A year after she Stepped into Nirvana.

The next name change was:  Soul Matters Spiritual Services and it reflected Malina’s soul-improving rescripted Ascension journey along with the work she’s done with the higher beings pertaining to ushering in the process regarding the existence of Collective Ascension & of a Worldwide Spiritual Movement.  A special session was created that is still actively running today…and in her changes, growth, progress, Malina also was granted, or became, the means of delivery of a Collective Ascension process.

Today, 2020, Malina’s back almost full circle since in 2016, she realized she could simply add “by Mo” & still personalize her services from those of other practitioners. This is the revised version of Malina’s site that she founded in 2003 as a New Age item store & later changed it completely to solely offer Tarot spread readings.  

Later, after she looked back, it occurred to her that every detail of the design & build of that original AMC website had been channeled!  Malina was becoming a channel before the site was even created!

Equipped with Meta 2 graphic designers later, & the original A Mystical Creation (AMC) website officially opened to the public in April of 2004, and a year later, Malina had already begun incorporating changes into AMC to the content, to services, and it is through that original website that she showed actual proof of the work she was doing, documented her story by trying to label down & best describe the cause of the changes that she underwent & looking back, it is evident that the content changed as she underwent her own path, as she had improvements, made progress, raised in alignment.  

5 fully completed Spiritual journeys–of which 2 were completely nonexistent & required custom creation work to ever even bring those about–and from each journey came continued growth, progress, results and changes that  took place that allow and enable Malina, right now, today, as well as beginning in November of 2005 to perform sessions delivering similar results to her clients as she made, quickly and easily by her own willful intent on her client’s behalf, or her want of something for her client.  She asks Universe. He delivers.  

In her own spiritual work, MalIna has become aimed & focused on aligning the rest of humanity with these valuable methods & by wanting improvement at the soul level, for all of humanity, she is aligned with her 2 teams of spirit guides that has continually grown throughout the years.  

Malina now has 500 of the highest spirit guides that she works closely with, holds alignment with (matches them in her own wants, awareness, truth, experience, etc)!  This stands to hugely benefit every one of her clients!

The Activation session is delivered & the result is sent directly into the being of the client and becomes a permanent part of them, residing within their body until the body recognizes, reads, receives the progress, skill, ability, knowledge, connection until whatever result Malina sought after has become the client’s, well after delivery of the session.  

It’s not instant gratification & despite the fact that results come very quickly to recipients of Malina’s sessions, some do not realize that someone could function in this manner & tend to challenge, & later begin to second-guess, question, doubt the process before results can EVER be obtained & that CAN block delay or prevent Obtainment of results. You can block a healing session with limited belief and a closed attitude. 

If there is lower aligned frequency, intent, an object in or near client’s field, know right now that these Activations, are 100% pure Light-aligned sessions meant to allow others their own improvements, will NOT run if there is any lower frequency anywhere near the client.. Someone with anything lower frequency aligned in their field or within their circumstances, whether detected or undetected, cannot receive these Activation sessions unless & until they track down the negativity and completely remove & release it.

Consider this part already tested and re-tested. I don’t care if the person lies and says they don’t have anything of the sort & tries to have me redo the activation process, over & over & over, if I try to call Universe to deliver a session & nothing happens, there is lower alignment blocking the session!  It’s just as some as yin & yang!

These sessions originally came from the intent, want, desire for humanity of some of the highest of historic and Biblical & Mythological & Ancient beings who mean no ill-intent, no corruption or dishonesty, no starting of wars or behaving as politicians or corrupt government officials, nothing but Unconditional Love & Light for everyone, but they are ONLY able to work with the ones of the same alignment as them who decide to seek a connection to them.  It is a matter of the individual’s free will choice & will not ever be intruded upon by these higher beings. This is why they can’t reach out to anyone with negative opinion, an attitude of double presenting challenge to God or other Higher Being’s own intent.

Despite the fact that you can’t see them, so might feel that’s good reason to doubt question. challenge, and even debate others for being believers on your own path of disbelief, stop and ask yourself this question.  Did you TRY to reach out to find out what would happen if you reached out to any of these beings I’ve mentioned or were you somehow afraid of knowing what would happen? 

Some truly are frightened or leery of even trying.  I can temporarily connect you to my own abilities, raise your frequency so you can connect, bring a member of my team of guides in and let you reach out to them, telepathically, and if you truly are willing and honestly open & unafraid, I can connect you & you’ll dialogue with them yourself, leaving you no more reason to doubt.  Are you willing to try it?  If you’re afraid, they wont come, fear is a negative reaction.  They won’t overstep your free will choice, ever!  No matter the consequences. It’s up to the individual to work past the thing stopping them.   

Malina’s Activation services, match the higher beings, are pure in intent, energy, frequency and alignment and nothing disturbs, touches or contaminates this.  Most higher beings, with the exception of angels &archangels, have stayed away from Earth for a very long time due to the negativity that man opened up in this Earthly plane that has just been continually spread, not quite eliminated. 

 However, on the flipside of that, that pure and untouched energy that these 500 higher beings give off & send out has unlimited potential and can bring more rewards than meet the eye and there would have to be a person, a channel, fully opened & not ever stepping on or preventing what comes through, lowest tendency toward corruption, matching their own intent & vibratory frequency.  

“Hmmm…isn’t that what I’ve become?  A human expression of a higher being. Someone to channel, connect, deliver teachings, ability, skill, awareness, frequency through that would be able to hold & receive it all, accurately and not ever change it.   That’s why I have Universe.”

 One just has to be open when additional or other developments occur, alert to the fact that that’s how & why it’s occurring, anywhere from 3 to 6 months or more after a single session & more frequently when you do as Malina did, continue going, don’t pause, she fully completed 5 journeys, of which 2 required  custom creation in 11 years time! 2003 to 2014 and in the 2 years following that, Malina & her teams built the entire Lottery Mastery path!   

This is what true enlightenment and work done at the soul level involves…stands to bring. It feels good, so do it.  It results in goodness, so why wouldn’t everyone do it? 

A similar term in the spiritual industry is “shaktipat.”  Spiritual Gurus develop this ability with experience growth and advanced levels of spiritual progress.  It can & has taken lifetimes to achieve! . 

Malina is your personal guru and these sessions & services that she and her guides created are truly one of a kind, are highly advanced & are imbued with Divine intent for all of us, should one truly be willing to get onto their individual spiritual path & truly have change to occur.

The bottom line is:  Malina is like a walking-talking esoteric encounter and by simply wanting a better way of life for everyone in the world and having done the inner work on herself FIRST and bringing about such changes within, she and her team of 500 guides are primarily aimed & focused on aligning the rest of humanity with these valuable movements and by wanting improvement at the soul level, Malina delivers just that with Universe’s help. 

Another way it was told to me is that Malina  provides everyone else a source with which to directly interface with spiritual beings, planes, dimensions, and more & see first-hand what being psychic& having soul progress is like, as well.

Know that there is much love and regard for you here. Contact her with questions or schedule an appointment with Malina, or Mo, today. You’ll be glad you did!