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Mo’s Spiritual Journey


I am an Ascended Master, in 2002, I shut off my medium abilities and began my first journey. Upon completion of it, I was nicknamed Mo & titled, the ‘Human Activator’. I became a channel in 2004, I discovered I had become an external channel & created Psychic Jumpstart and 2 other custom sessions. I’ve also been in Nirvana since 2005. in 2006, I walked into the Divine plane & hold an ongoing bilocation connection both here & there, & bring others there to visit, as well.  It’s HOME to me.  In 2007, Yahweh sent me a message via Language of Light that I was near completion of my own Ascension.  I understood it. In 2008, when Yahweh told me I was done with Ascension, I was told to run everything through Universe using my will & intent and I rescripted every service I offer into an Activation that runs based on my will & intent. In 2009, Yahweh told me I had successfully obtained my Divinity.  I have a healing team consisting of well over 150 beings!  These beings validate my work by coming into sessions and interacting with my clients &  it’s SO FUN & THRILLING when that happens!! Get started with us now!


In 2002, I reached up and spoke to Yahweh and stated my intent to regroup on the entire Spiritual industry being so confusing to mankind that would be detrimental to the notion of obtainment of any actual Spiritual progress, so it would be confusing and really difficult for those who are not, as of yet, Spiritually centered to ever even grab the true teachings that would lead them to ever arrive there, but that we NEED those kind of results.

So, I stated that in this lifetime, we need one true course to follow, in order to reach accurate Spiritual teachings, that are key and essential in anyone Mastering Ascension.

If more of us would be able to easily find and access true and actual knowledge and true teachings leading to individual Spiritual growth and expansion that results in Ascension. This would eventually lead us to a Collective Ascension.

For mankind to successfully participate in worldwide or Collective Ascension, this would be the means to our obtainment of World Peace. Once and for all.


To result in making Ascension more accessible and possible for more of the collective of mankind instead of MORE of what history’s shown us, in the past. If more of us would be able to easily find and access true and actual knowledge and true teachings leading to individual Spiritual growth and expansion that results in Ascension.

Collective Ascension of MANKIND for this lifetime is actually my life purpose, well, I’ve Mastered my own, so now, it’s time to help others with theirs.

I bring definite results and can shave years, and even other lifetimes of guesswork and stumbling along blindly, in this area.


When I embarked on my set of journeys, what occurred was that the necessary changes within my own being, in my awareness, in my entire belief system, in teachings I’d learned and been exposed to and had become aligned with (had come to match in my own vibratory rate or frequency) and in my own abilities & their functionality, and method and practice ensued.

So, in September, 2004, I was now a channel, but I was still changing and soon discovered that I functioned out of myself, onto others, as an external channel so the recipient of these abilities then would become the one giving the insight through my own Universal connection that took place when I was near them.

It worked on contact, at random, to begin with, but I was also fully aware that I was able to activate Psychic Abilities in others, easily. & it didn’t take years for even a complete beginner to pick up and be a really accurate and insightful psychic, through external use of my connections.

With further progress, just about everything that I hold within myself is now easily SENT or PROJECTED out onto clients, with the exception of Osmosis, for them to directly interact with, experience, learn from, & encounter themselves.


The entire process, the slow method, from picking up at the Cosmic level of Consciousness where I‘d left off at in a previous lifetime, and from being aligned with the Divine plane of Existence (though I didn’t recall that, and discovered it along my journey) took me 7 years to full completion of all 5 journeys, including the mastery of Ascension, rescripting every service I offer into externally delivered sessions I called Activations, and led to the obtainment of my Divinity in 2009.


7 years of internal work and a complete rewrite of my own functionality enables me to deliver similar progress to others, on their paths, in sessions.  Easily.

If you can want or seek out a specific result, are willing to obtain it, are open to what will come during your session, then you stand to improve, to gain, to expand and have soul progress from these services.

Schedule your appointment today!  Let’s work together, let’s get you moving up the spiritual ladder.


It sounds big, right?   Like it might be impossible to bring change of that magnitude. Not anymore! That’s what these services hold potential FOR. Get in touch with me today and let’s get you started on your path!

About Mo’s Commonly Known Abilities

Clairvoyant describes psychics that can see images or pictures of the past, present or future that are shown to them by a spirit or from the other side.

Clairaudient is someone who can hear messages or statements made from the spirit world.

Clairsentient describes someone who has feelings from Spirit and can literally receive touches or just sense things coming from spirits and beings from the other side.

Claircognizance is the ability to channel God. Meaning, God comes into the person’s field and uses that person’s own means of communication, whatever form is their personal strength, to communicate God’s own thoughts. It’s for the purpose of teaching the world.

An empath is someone that can literally put themselves into others’ situations or sympathize and feel how and what the person they are working with, or near, feels. In another sense, you just feel what Spirit is communicating to you and know it’s accurate.

Astral travelers are people that can travel between this realm and the higher planes of consciousness.

Soul migration actually allows Malina to switch some of her more magical or connected areas out into an area of someone’s life that lacks. She trades a fraction of their situation for hers until theirs corrects itself and life improves for them in that area, once they are over the stagnant area, she trades back and they still have lasting improvement in their life.

medium is one who communicates with the dead, for the purpose of reminding us all that there is life after death and to give us a sense of reassurance and peace of our loved ones’ passing.

channel is one that can have their body or mind entered into so that a higher being can speak through them for the sake of Spirit having a way to pass on messages, for teaching or some other betterment.

Psychometry is the ability to hold an object and get a reading from that object about someone who had handled it in the past.

Bilocation is the ability to be in two different locations at one time for the purpose of healing or checking on someone, etc.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others without ever speaking, using only one’s mind. This is the way that God communicates with others.

Psychic Osmosis, as you may already know from reading the rest of this page, is the ability to transfer knowledge and ease of use of any given skill, the sender’s own strength; (in Malina’s case, psychic abilities is her strength) and that means that people can be near her and come into contact with her and inherit the knowledge and use of her own abilites, either temporarily or permanently, if she specifies that for them.

Shaktipat is the delivery of a Spiritual awakening by a guru, and the means of delivery is going to depend on the functionality of the guru. In Malina’s case, it’s will & intent & her Activation sessions are all written to work this way!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it helped you to have a greater understanding of me and my work! If you don’t view any of the other pages of this site, I hope that you will at least view the Freebies page and look below the rune cast plugin,& test drive my actual sessions!