August 29, 2020

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About Mo’s Activate-able Abilities

Clairvoyant describes psychics that can see images or pictures of the past, present or future that are shown to them by a spirit or from the other side.

Clairaudient is someone who can hearmessages or statements made from the spirit world.

Clairsentient describes someone who has feelings from Spirit and can literally receive touches or just sense things coming from spirits and beings from the other side.

An empath is someone that can literally put themselves into others’ situations or sympathize and feel how and what the person they are working with, or near, feels. You just feel for them.

Astral travelers are people that can travel between this realm and the higher planes of consciousness.

A medium is one who communicates with the dead, for the purpose of reminding us all that there is life after death and to give us a sense of reassurance and peace of our loved ones’ passing.

A channel is one that can have their body or mind entered into so that a higher being can speak through them for the sake of Spirit having a way to pass on messages, for teaching or some other betterment.

Psychometry is the ability to hold an object and get a reading from someone who had handled it in the past.

Bilocation is the ability to be in two different locations at one time for the purpose of healing or checking on someone, etc.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others without ever speaking, using only one’s mind.

“I was recently prompted by my teacher guide, Len/Evelyn to ‘just try’ to go and visit God, the Angelic realm, the Archangels. I met the Ascended Master Buddha and was taught 2 more abilities that compliment my osmosis by him. Shortly after that, I was also told to ‘just try’ to attempt to use my ability to do shamanic journeys and bilocation to take someone to those realms to receive healing directly from one of the Archangels.

A Remark About People’s Questions

I have a thing or two to say about all the responses I am getting since I have placed the osmosis listings up in November 2005. Others ask me, ‘Why would you need to study to be a psychic?’ Well, seemingly, since I can go to the pillar and change my own abilities, I may have not been JUST a psychic.

I changed the way my abilities work. And because I studied, I am now able to incorporate lots of different teachings into one practice or way of doing things. When I did learn what was happening, I learned how to manage it, how to handle it, and I developed it so that the entire population, everyone and anyone who is interested, benefits from receiving these abilities.

As I continue to move up, the abilities I can transfer do too. I started out a psychic medium and that’s all I could transfer to others. When I became an open channel, I could transfer channeling abilities. I have recently tried to specify what abilities I wanted to give to customers and that’s worked, too.

But my all-time favorite question I’ve gotten is ‘So what kind of abilities do YOU possess that I would want yours activating mine anyway?’ I love it, LOL. I answered this in the abilities section, and people are finding out that they can request to open to certain clairs or astral travel and I can will that for them as well, during their transfers. And, in an even brighter light, let me put it this way… I go and sit with Creator and hang out in His light and love for us. I had Him act as a tour guide for me recently. He is my friend and calls me ‘old friend’. I go way back; I don’t even KNOW how far yet. He asked me if I wanted to meet the A-team, a group of Archangels, I will be working with through a form of Reiki I was learning. He took me to them and I also got to meet Master Buddha and ask him if he would work with me and teach me.

I am not only able to heal people; I am also able to take them on mental flights and have them receive their healing directly from the higher beings. I’m getting better and stronger from learning and studying, and that benefits anyone who wants to open their own abilities through these transfers, or those who seek me out for healing. Now that I know what it’s all for, that I did this, something outside didn’t do it, I am doing great, even though it was quite an adjustment from being born a Medium.” 🙂

About Psychism

I used to get messages from Spirit for other people whether I was awake or sleeping because I had so much psychic activity going on around me. And I was experiencing migraine headaches and nosebleeds every day. It was bit too much. It was too strong for just one person, so I needed a break. I made the changes and thought I had lost my abilities. It quite a change from how things had been.”

Osmosis is still somewhat new for this industry. Malina has been contacted by someone recently that pointed out at least one other person like her who runs a mystery school. It is the same concept, but not quite the same as what she does. She was told that this person was responsible for opening up John Edwards! When she found out that there were others like her, she felt excited in a lot of ways. She no longer felt alone. Malina is so thankful that there are people like her helping to make the world a better place.

Malina knows that it’s hard to find information on these topics as well as hard to understand what is happening to a person when you go through different transformations. While the adjustment was really difficult, it was also interesting because Malina had been walking around thinking she had somehow lost all of her abilities. It was like the Universe was playing a joke on her. People began reassuring her, telling her ‘you haven’t lost your abilities; they’re in there; you are just able to lend out a portion of them to others right now’. And also telling her ‘I don’t think you are seeing the point; if you lend out a piece of your abilities to every person that you ever see or encounter, there is still MORE than enough inside of you to operate off of’.

Psychic Jumpstart, the Process

Getting a transfer is completely different from a reading! People can get near Malina and suddenly become “in tune” with the other side. She is almost like a “reverse psychic magnet”. It is described as her “providing people with an interface that their conscious can relate to and interact with, that somehow gives them code so they exhibit psychic abilities while they are around or near her”.

The whole Psychic Jumpstart process is not an instant gratification thing. So if you are looking for someone that can give you their abilities instantly, you won’t find it. In addition, Malina can temporarily lend her guide Jason/Jai for the duration of a session, but he won’t stay. That kind of transfer occurring that fast, doesn’t exist because opening automatically without your body having time to adjust to abilities is dangerous. I’m developing and getting stronger and building up, but it would still have to be safe for people.

“I’m the only one like myself that I have encountered. I can’t make this happen for people instantly. That would cause more harm than good because your body needs time to adjust. What happens is that the energy gets transferred into someone’s body and it resides there until their body finds and makes a connection with the abilities. This happens when they just allow the whole process to take place. It’s a natural process, depending on your own body, but it’s gradual so there won’t be any harm. Rushing it, having things open all at once without allowing your body time to adjust, could cause major damage.”

Now, this is completely different than what some psychics offer. A psychic that you find that does readings may not have the ability to transfer their abilities to others. It doesn’t always work that way. Basically, I’m a little differently calibrated, so I have the ability to do this for others. That channel helped me understand why this happened the way it did and gave me some help with it, too. She calls it “M’s program”.

Now, let me say this, I know who I am as a psychic, I am clear and focused. These abilities aren’t just a part of me, they are really, really strong, but it’s not the most important thing to me to hold onto them all for myself. I’m sharing them! Dimi was AWESOME and he helped me to be. Then, as I got stronger and developed them, they became too much for just one person. This way, I break them up, give some to others, two words: Christ Consciousness! I used touch during my very first attempt at transferring, and again, something prodded me and said, ‘just try it’. So I did, just like that. I knew how, but touch took a longer time to awaken than the transfers do now.

This is very affordable, (I charge much less on eBay that I do on my web site), and those people that are open to the entire process can’t help but feel the abilities in their body when I am doing this. That is my effort at removing some of the doubt that some people WANT to have when someone steps up with something new or just unheard of. Some people that don’t have a solid connection need to doubt and that’s okay, but I refuse to doubt this process. It’s proven itself, tried and true, even when I wasn’t aware of it!

It’s the exact same process if I walked up to someone, locked arms with them, stared into their eyes and sent it to them through my will. That’s the very same thing I did with Steven when something just prompted me to ‘give it a try’. (That happens a lot with me now. And every time, I learn something new accidentally, or move up in strength or ability. I hear it, ‘here, just try it’.)

I told several of my clients to be patient and wait and they would see some of the things that I see. Once they went on and got distracted with something else and forgot to second-guess or doubt,  they go on and open. Doubt hinders whoever is going through this process. Why wouldn’t it? That’s common sense that it would, I think.

If I find someone who is having major difficulties that they have to work through first, I remember who they are and that I’m not going anywhere. They can take their time to heal; all the time they need and I will still know them and be more than happy to acknowledge our business transaction when they have healed, so they do get their transfer!

I can’t give a written guarantee because I can’t really calculate or time when your body will recognize the abilities. I can’t dictate or time when you will heal and open if you have issues that need to be worked out first. I can’t time that. That’s really got more to do with you than it does with me.

However, once we do business, I will know you and, if it takes a while, I’m right there with you. All you have to do is establish communication with me and I’ll be waiting until you have dealt with what you need to in order to be able to open. I don’t care if it’s 5 years or longer. I’m not going anywhere, so take the time you need to heal.

I had one transfer that was seemingly blocked, but there was major trauma and suffering involved and that had to be dealt with first. The rest go on and open and do their own thing. In another example, I had a customer that got his transfer a little over a month or so ago. He channeled for me about 3 weeks ago, not even knowing anything about my life. He channeled about 6 pages on YM for me. I had a couple since then that had some signs of opening that same day, but it’s an individual thing.

Reiki healers and those that meditate or have some means of clearing do have much faster results. You don’t have to do anything to open, it might take a little longer, but it’s not necessary.

***My advice for anyone who is experiencing doubt is to go on and do something that distracts you, busy yourself with something else, forget about it and let the energy and your body do the work. They know what to do and they will do it. Your abilities will open up “while you were out” and will meet up with you later and you will realize it all worked out, without you doing a thing.

It’s a combination of healing energy, and mine and Dimi’s psychic abilities and teachings, with my will causing the transfers to happen. Some of it’s coming from Source and some of it’s coming from within me. It’s an energy transfer and it’s going to customers as Reiki in that it feels the same as Reiki does, but it does more than Reiki does when it’s there.

]What happens is I clone my own abilities and will them to go into customers, either over the phone or by touch, in a distant, remote manner, so I do it over the phone and I stay with the client and try to ensure they feel and acknowledge the entire experience. In this way, they can’t doubt it later and just throw themselves off! I have trust that it will do what it needs to in people’s bodies. Why shouldn’t I? Tried and true…

Again, it’s a combination of Dimi’s and my own abilities. Both sets of abilities are still in here; they never went away or shut down. I just redirected them so I could do more with them than readings and receiving psychic impressions. It’s very important work, but if you had the choice of giving readings or helping others to open up, which would you do?  Again: Christ Consciousness. You see my point.

About Customer’s Experiences

Since there is Reiki present in these psychic jumpstarts and chakra balances/cleanses, some people experience warm feelings and some feel a static or shock like feeling. Some feel cold, some feel a pressure, some feel something for a few minutes then go numb so they think they’ve lost it. Some have a combination of many feelings during the phone call, but whatever they feel, down the line, they are going to exhibit psychic abilities.

Let me also say that as I am getting stronger in using my will, so the energy is more concentrated and transfers don’t always last as long as they used to. It doesn’t take that long anymore as I am getting stronger with time and experience. It’s delivered as a much purer energy. It flows quicker, gets in, gets down to business and gets done.

I have encountered 2 people that said they couldn’t feel anything during the transfers except they did feel a “tingly energy” around their legs, feet and hands during the beginning of the transfer, but after that, they experienced numbness through the rest of their bodies, so they thought they had lost the energy. I don’t control what sensations people’s bodies experience or what they feel during this process. It’s okay to assume that if you feel any of these feelings that matches what I am describing, like Reiki anywhere on your body while we are on the phone, the transfer has begun. Even if you lose that sensation later, it doesn’t mean that the transfer stopped short. It goes on regardless. I have noticed that if someone becomes overly emotional, that can slow the sensations down.

Again, this energy, zero-point energy, is extremely intelligent. It doesn’t exit one’s body until it’s done and it doesn’t just stop in the process. It finishes. Once it’s there, it’s attached to its host; it doesn’t leave. You don’t have to feel it. That doesn’t matter, it’s there. You don’t have to believe it. It’s still there. I don’t feel my psychic abilities in my body, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It’s just not that way. The initial transfer is all you will feel from your newly-inherited abilities if your higher self allows you to feel that.

Some people have their higher self retrieve or retain the abilities that I send for a later date simply because the higher self has something else that needs to happen with that person first. But it doesn’t mean the transfer won’t take place. It’s more along the lines of it being distributed by the higher self, much like a time-released medication. Now I know enough to realize that if someone isn’t experiencing anything after the transfer has been willed out, to have them ask their higher self to step in and do what they will, and allow the transfer to happen later, if not right then. That works, too. In that case, you just have to allow it and trust your higher self.

About Healing Attunements During Transfers

(did it or didn’t it?)

Some people feel a tingling or warmth in their shoulders or down their arms and they feel the healing areas on the palms of their hands being opened, like they are becoming attuned to heal others during this process. Some do not. I wouldn’t trust that and would just assume that you will be a healer from receiving an abilities transfer, but I have had customers that do.

I don’t determine who is destined to be a healer and who is not. That’s the Universe or Creator, not me. If your hands and arms were not feeling much sensation during the transfer, chances are it might still be best to have Reiki attunements performed if you intend to be a healer. If you want to know for sure, I will do a test with you on the phone to see if Reiki will activate after a transfer. Just let me know during the transfer and we’ll check it out.

About Being a Lightworker

A healer has more acceptance and trust in the unseen or unknown. A healer is a channel already. On the norm, we work with higher beings, guardians, angels and others. We just know we have a spiritual backup all around us. When I took the Reiki Master/Teacher course, I had already been working with Spirit, but I learned to let go and just trust and now I can do a lot more due to the healing. I don’t question it, doubt it one bit or ask where or how it came about. I know once I have done my part and willed the psychic jumpstarts to someone, it will reside there. I know it’s not just going to stop in mid-process or abandon someone for any reason.

Customers respond or react in different ways after the transfer and after things have settled down. Some of them will panic. They don’t necessarily doubt the process, because they felt it, but they doubt themselves or that the process of it awakening in their bodies will ever happen. There are no misses.  There are no exceptions. You may need to heal some issues first, but that is still a matter of time and it’s easy to do. But you have to allow your mind to relax, accept and allow the whole thing and then allow your body to find the abilities and tap into them. It’s a completely natural and necessary process. And it’s worth it.

I know who and where all of this comes from and I understand that it’s much bigger than I will EVER be. It’s coming from one who is capable of unconditional and endless amounts of a higher degree of love for all of us. And it’s only part of my experience so I can transfer to others easily so that more of us are open. And yes, there IS a very good reason that we all need to be open. I’ll say it again. Can you say it with me? CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS!! LOL.

It’s so huge to be a part of and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am so glad to have the chance to do this for others. It’s overwhelming! Who wants to waste time doubting and second-guessing that?! Not me. I have customers to open, abilities to transfer, people to assist in healing, interventions to do, spiritual journeys to bring people on, so that they can feel better. I don’t have time to doubt it. I’m thankful every single day for the opportunity to do what I will be doing for mankind in the future.

About Contacting Me

My name is Malina and my nickname that my little brother Steven gave to me is Momo. When a child loves you enough to name you, you honor that. People can call me Momo or Mo for short, or just “M”. Anyone with any questions can certainly contact me. My gmail address is and my current blogs are on this site, and on a blogger blog called Malina Havard: Spiritual Writings & Teachings.   I’m about to majority begin blogging again, once the work to the site is completed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it helped answer some of your questions, Love & Light to you & yours.  Malina aka Mo