August 29, 2020

Healing Room2

There probably won’t be that much writing needed for this particular page. That’ll be in the blog posts, most often!

Higher Beings, spirit guides, higher planes, 7 planes of existence, 7 primary chakras, lowest to highest–physical, or Earthly, plane=red=root chakra, astral plane= orange= sacral, mental plane= yellow= solarplexus, causal plane= green= heart chakra, Buddhic plane= blue-green= throat, angelic plane= indigo = mind’s eye and the Divine plane=violet= crown chakra.

We’ll start from the lowest to highest, but we’ll start, instead, with pink! We will cover Aura, Chakras, Meridians, as well as SEICHEM, Reiki & Tachyon Healing, 7 and then 6 Higher Chakras, Kundalini Rising, Being In Nirvana, the different abilities I can activate, the different layers of awareness and other dimensions and their frequencies. I’ll try to send you a group picture of the team of guides, all 500! It should be interesting between the guide’s essence and frequencies, and in the content written on the blog–im a written channel. I’ll be writing a document latrkt and begin writing something entirely channeled and in the moment. I realize it later….when i see the outcome!

The Gorgeous Pink Ladies & Several Healers of Nature that probably hadn’t ever occurred to you will be here first!

For now, I’m getting my navigation bar and menu and pagination straightened out so this site is navigatiobable for visitors …zo you can get from one page to the next!

pink. Pink, pink…… panther! Yes!!. I’m a fan….have been for years! I can’t NOT do it! Lol

Omg it’s Eek the Cat! So love this!!!!

Let me get back to it. I’ll decorate it for the first group asap! Love & Light to you and yours! Mo

I love the episode about his trip to the washateria!