August 29, 2020

Land Here & Begin Aligning With higher Beings!

A Mystical Creation by Mo & its owner, Malina Havard, to say the LEAST are truly authentic, somewhat well-known, sought after, observed and followed by many, & there are some totally amazing & custom created, unique & probably never done before spiritual sessions that Malina, aka Mo, delivers to clients that are more of a transfer of her Psychic Abilities, her obtained spiritual knowledge, skill, involvement, activity, & even connection to a huge variety of higher beings (she currently works with & is closely connected with 500 spirit guides on her healing eam!)

Anything that Malina has done, achieved, connected to, obtained, knows, learned along the way in 16 years is transferable to her clients in sessions called Activations, and this landed Malina her first title, set in place and acknowledged by Spirit just after completing her first of 5 soul journeys, in 2004.  It was Archangel Raphael who visited and told her the nickname they’d decided upon as well as the title, which made perfect sense after one more complete change in her abilities & their functionality.  Mo became ‘the Human Activator’ then a short while later randomly started affecting others near her by opening psychic abilities in them without realizing it, at first.

So, Let’s Talk Spiritual Steps & the Actual Reality of What Malina Can Do for Clients

1. Easily Become Psychic–as a Channel (with Telepathy an equally necessary 2nd!)

2. Have the Connection Formed by Malina on your Behalf to your Own Spirit Guides

3. Get Started On Your Own Soul Path–Bnecessary–Be Placed On Your Own Path.

With Malina’s Help, This Whole Process is Easier & Takes A Shorter Amount of Time

Things you can do:  OBTAIN A SESSION WITH SPIRIT (introductory rate of $45 for an hourlong session, ( Note: 2 hours will allow significant time to receive the necessary activations of abilities, connections, etc) & GET THE MOST ACCURATE GUIDANCE & INSIGHT YOU CAN GET PERTAINING TO YOUR LIFE, YOUR SOUL PATH, YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. This form of session can also prove very helpful as a tool for troubleshooting any unseen sources of  problems, difficulties or obstacles along your path and so much more!  Learning what your needs are, versus what they’re not, can save you a LOT of time, effort, etc.

If you had previously begun your soul path (it requires specific steps to undertake, it’s not something being automatically undergone simply because you live) but seem to have stopped making progress, or feel somehow stuck, you should consider:

Consulting with Malina–Get Mo’s One on One Help, Assistance with Soul Cleansing, Mobility, Realignment & Higher Connection or Receive Targeted, Delivery of Stronger More Intensive & In-Depth Healing to Get Clients Unstuck & Moving Again! These involve questions and answers and a degree of troubleshooting & are meant to resolve a problem that clients have along their soul path– (introductory rate of $75.00 per hour!)

4. Once you’re on your soul path, consider these factors:  Malina developed an entire method that resulted in her own Speedier Ascension!  She completed 5 entire journeys and this also included  roughly 5 years of custom work aimed specifically at creating an entire Lottery Mastery path from scratch–in about 13 years’ total time, from when she first shutoff her existent abilities 2003 to 2016!  She completely rescripted the Ascension Journey into an Activation & later brought into existence the very first Collective Ascension in her own work!  Until now, this path has taken someone entire lifetimes to complete!

So, You Can Either:  Get As Many Activation sessions as you can & by doing so, you’ll easily target your own achievements, the results & outcomes to be had by making your way through the Spiritual journey, with the next steps opening up for you easily once you’ve done the necessary work or learned the lesson at hand involved with each Activation & each step on your path.

So what’s the difference in Malina’s services?  Activations deliver specific results that one needs along their soul path, one session opens up into the next and so on and take less time to try to sense or detect what step, what lesson, etc.

OR:   You can do it yourself and just check in when you feel you need her help.  She’ll work with anyone who needs help, nothing is carved in stone, limited, restricted–Mo’s eclectic in her own spiritual work, despite the fact that it was a Buddhist path that unfolded and was embarked on for the (currently on numbrr 6) spiritual journeys she underwent.

Consultations will help someone with challenging situations or difficulties along their own soul paths! No matter your level of experience with spiritual work & your soul path, if you get stuck, Malina’s here to help you.  Why? It’s in her heart & soul to see humanity rise up and do much better!!

There is an Activation for inheritance of Psychic Abilities, step 1. (***Does Not Result in Instant Gratification!)
There is also an Activation for step 2, and step 3. 

There are 3 Psychic Ability Activations
1.  $1500 for up to 7 abilities, which are:  Channeling + your choice of 6 more!  Note: You’ll also NEED Telepathy!
2. $750 for up to 4 abilities, channeling + 3 more of your choice. Suggesting: Telepathy be one other that you obtain.
3. $350 for 2 abilities, suggesting Channeling & Telepathy.

There are Activations for every step along the entire soul path, including but not limited to the completion of one’s own Ascension Journey.  Malina rescripted the entire Ascension Journey she underwent into an Activation to benefit her clients! 
Mention Ascension Journey Activation & FREE for the deal of a lifetime!

These soul paths are individual paths, and Malina underwent 5 of her own, 2 of these were for targeting obtainment for something that was completely nonexistent unless and until she created it within her own work. She did. 

Chances are she’s seen some things, encountered things, been there, done that, learned, knows, understands, has methods for specific scenarios, is prepared for, aware of, blueprints, has ability for and about, & by having this particular knowledge & experience, can easily assist others along their own paths, and will do that if you’ll trust her enough to get started on your own Soul Path using her specialized services.  

Maintenance of one’s Aura, Chakras & Meridians is a good thing to repeat every couple of months!   The 5 sessions in 1 Activation is the best method at a reasonable price for that!

Chakra Balance/Cleanse expands into the Activation of 6 Higher Chakras as you progress & that will serve as a form of stepping stone (a means of finding your next step) along your soul path!  All the MORE reason to keep the chakras free from clutter & spinning correctly & healthy. 

Development of Telepathy is yet another ability you’ll NEED in your work with your spirit guides. Channeling & Telepathy are how the higher beings will communicate with you on your path unless & until more progress leads to newly developed abilities that they’ll use instead.

Safe & Effective Kundalini Rising is  AN advanced state of enlightenment, as are Stepping into Nirvana, the development of Claircognizance (channeling God), the installation of the Merkabah is a truly crucial step– you’ll want to do soul travel as safely as possible, from there the development of ability of bilocation can occur for those whose path requires it.   These sessions unfold into the steps one may need to take along their way and there are SO many of them because clients may require different ones.

There are physical, cosmic, universal and even Divine layers of awareness, or knowing to work within and through.  The lessons will reflect these as you progress.

There are the 5 higher of the 7 Planes of Existence to learn lessons within, from specific higher beings and who are your own Spirit guides as the  teachers.  Until you’re accessing other dimensions, these are where you’ll be learning & aligning within yourself.

Malina’s own Reiki, Seichem & Tachyon services have been greatly expanded upon and hold Universal frequency.

Malina is also a multidimensional externally functioning channel, which, when transferred to clients during SESSIONS WITH SPIRIT makes for some very eye-opening and insightful sessions AND the clients learn first-hand how to channel off the bat! From there, they have that experience and are more confident in their own capabilities and work!

Opening to and trusting these teachings and the beings you work with is a major part of the necessary alignment work that brings you into  higher awareness & understanding, & this is the work that delivers more positivity into your being, and then into your life circumstances. 

Change comes when you truly do this type of work…positive change and improvement are the results. 

So, who feels like beginning their own internal spiritual clearing, cleansing & realignment work today?  End of Part 1.  Let’s Leave it up for a while!