August 29, 2020

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A Psychic Abilities Activation That Also Became A Guided Spiritual Journey:

This was so different from what I ever experienced, I felt a huge weight over me and at some moment of time my body felt like it was lifting on the air from that point on was an awesome experience. Mo guided me to meet my spirit with whom I was suppose to be working. She mention that this was her first time that this ever happen to her when she was doing a transfer of her abilities. I can account for passing levels in the infinite and seem things that only very gifted people can see.

I got to see Jesus surrounded by many beings and continue a journey in a space every time was higher and higher. I got to see a very old man; to me he was God I seem him before when in one occasion when I visit church. I continue up and at times it was dark I could only see very far away very little stars and at time I got to another level this continue until I got to a place where there was angels and between them was Raphael he was the one that identifies himself as the one that I’m will be working with.

There was messages and things it was beyond any logical explanation. Mo, continue guiding me until I was balance by my angel to be able to come back to him and when he finish I was sent back to earth and then all sensations finally stop. Mo and I talk and she explain what happen to me it will normally happen to somebody who already develop their six sense and is advancing in the spiritual path to pass to another level. Why this happen to me at the time of the abilities transfer; we don’t know.

Nothing was scary it was calm and pleasant, Mo keep asking what do you see and she guided me in every step I need it to take. I was a great experience. There was angels, channels with water everything so beautiful and peaceful I will never forget this experience.

When I encountered Jesus on my way back as I was descending one of his messages was “to spread his word, do good and harm none” Jesus want’s to create consciousness that we all need to be more spiritual and be good one to another our time is near and we need to be prepared. Also at the end he instructed me and show me a pot that would look like brass or gold and he said “fill this pot it with seeds of gold” I still don’t know what this mean I hope I’m able to understand this sometime.

Later on a few hours after the transfer I felt fine but I did felt for a few seconds here and there a little dizzy and a mild headache probably because of my body adjusting to the new capabilities. I can’t wait to develop completely to start doing my share to help everybody who need it. Mo is a very unique and spiritual person with a tremendous blessing.  I got part of her blessings within me now and what I sense is something that it has a great deal of significance at the spiritual level. I know that my life will improve for the better and I’m happy I got this transfer done from Mo. Thank you so much for sharing your blessings Mo and may God continue blessing you every day with more so you can continue your journey to even higher spiritual levels so you can help others in need.”

– Ivelisse

“I want to thank you for your psychic journey to me while I was on a dangerous mission in Iraq. I felt you there with me and it was like a very vivid dream. It briefly took me away from the chaos and provided me with comfort in my affliction and greatly helped me. Your ability to contact me in a dream and bring me into a peaceful room far away from the war, chaos and fighting was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It was there that you laid your hands on me in a healing manner and gave me comfort. Your soft-spoken, calming words of encouragement allowed me to continue a very difficult task during the following days. The psychic predictions and intuition that you provided me with about my situation helped immensely. Your talent and gifts from God are a blessing to mankind. Thank you again.”

– Letter of appreciation from MA2 Miller, USN

About Mo’s Spiritual Guidance Blog & A Previous Psychic Abilities Activation That Was Blocked By Limited Belief:

Thanks so much for your blog. I try to read it every day. You have so much wonderful information on there and I know that it is going to help me become enlightened. I had previously ordered your abilities activation but nothing happened and now I think I know the reason. I think it is because of my very religious background and I find I am many times fearful of anything spiritual being evil. When I was reading up on eastern religion and opening up the third eye a few years ago my then husband threw the book away and told me I was getting into demonic stuff. I thank you so very much for all that you do to help others. !”

– Anonymous

About A Psychic Abilities Activation For A Client Who Suspected He Had A Blockage: You must have done something right because normally I cannot communicate with my guides in a clear clairaudient fashion and I want to thank you for being able to work with me to allow for this to happen. I did not talk with any of the Archangels but I was informed that they were there and are always there with me. I did get a chance to talk with my one of my members of my Cosmic Family who is also one of my guides. YEAH! I’m very happy for this and I want to thank you again for assisting me with this process. !”

– Anonymous

“I have known Malina for 4 years. The odd thing is that I was in school with her many years ago, but we didn’t even know each other. Since she has come into our lives, I have experienced SO many unique and awe-inspiring events.

A prime example of one such event was when I was sleeping in the back room of my sister’s house and my 8-year-old daughter and I heard the clear and distinct laughter of a female child around my daughter’s age, but there were no other female children that age in the house. Days later, I mentioned the name Elizabeth around MoMo (a nickname) and she told me that I could have encountered Heather Elizabeth, aka Libby.

Without asking for any further explanation, I let it go and later learned that she had a relative that was the same age as the giggling girl that I had “felt” and heard in the room that day. That’s when I realized there is more to Malina than meets the eye and I was a true believer. Psychics exist!

In the last few years, I have learned that she is 99% dead on. Not only is MoMo psychic, but she is also a magnet for spirits, guides and beings, and she opens others up to them as well, so they are a normal part of your life and it’s good. Since she has come into our lives, we have all kinds of family that look in on us.

I also believe that she caused my 13-year-old nephew to open up his own psychic abilities. He SEES and TALKS to the spirits as well as having made accurate predictions of things occurring on the news.

Malina actually transferred some of her energy and ability to him and that seems to have opened up his ability as a medium, like she is. Although he is too young to realize the extent of what he has now, I know that if he fine-tunes and practices it, he will evolve to be as awesome as Malina someday.

My 14-year-old niece also encounters spirits because while Malina was staring into Steven and focusing on sending some of her abilities to him, Cassie burst through the door and they both turned to look at her. They broke the connection and focused toward Cassie. Needless to say, she has her own set of abilities, too.

Both of these kids are well past the age to have outgrown their childhood abilities. However, Cassie FEELS them around her. She comes and tells us when she FEELS them touching her and what else they are doing. “

– Tracie Doss

“Malina is a great psychic and such a multi-dimensional being with so many talents and gifts to share with the world. I think it’s a good idea to offer her services and work with people and empower them. She teaches them how to fish, rather than giving them a fish. She is such a great rebel (and I mean that in a good sense). I can see that she will really make a difference and “bust” all the established belief systems, including the “New Age” ones!”

– Deva

“About A Psychic Abilities Activation: Hello again 🙂 I’m writing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I thought you may be interested in some of my testing results. I’ve participated in the psychic tests at for several years, and I would describe my usual results as average with a few lucky days here and there. This past week (going back to 3/5), the odds for my results have been above average every day except one (last Thursday my odds were 104 to 1!!) , so I’m pretty satisfied to say that something good has happened as a result of your activations. 🙂 The results are posted online at the location test hall of fame…so the definite concrete proof is there (not that you need it of course.) 🙂 Thanks again for the wonderful help you’ve given me! !”

– Anonymous, but check the scores!

“You just really have to get a reading from Malina to know. There’s no doubt in my mind about this psychic being truly gifted. She has this magnetic energy and she just draws you in; you WANT to get closer to her. When she’s about to come up with something interesting, she gets this look in her eyes.

She can be in mid-sentence and she’ll stop to tell you who she sees or what she’s feeling or what’s coming to her next. She described my best friend, his wife, my parents and 4 of my past girlfriends. In ONE reading! You CAN’T fake that and those cards only take you SO far. And, to TOP that, she did one of her famous unnamed abilities for me and fixed BOTH her and my own love life, by doing that, by stepping closer to my situation. I’m married and have 6 children and I’m happy in my life, and it’s GREAT!”
– J. Rogers

“Malina, my stepdaughter, always shocks me with what she’ll come up with next! She had described my oldest daughter’s boyfriend, that she had never seen before, to a “T”! And during that same reading, she predicted that my oldest would get married to someone entirely different! It seemed like that might have been wrong at the time, but oddly enough, my daughter did marry a different man!

She also warned me that that something might be wrong with one of my brother’s twin babies, before they were even born. She was so concerned and so sweet, checking throughout the pregnancy to make sure those babies were okay. When the baby died, on my birthday, no less, there was still alot of pain, but because she had levelled with me earlier, it had given me time to deal with the possibility. In the end, I was able to rise above my own sorrow and be there to provide comfort and support for my brother and his wife, and for the rest of the family.”

“She’s just really good at this and she really loves bringing Spirit to people, and helping people. If you want a TRULY caring and gifted psychic, who literally tries to step into your shoes and help any way she can, Malina’s IT! I can’t say how much of the things she has said through the years has happened or what a wonderful, caring human being she really is! I could take days and even weeks to give specific examples but that won’t help. Find out for yourself, get a Malina-service!”
– L. Havard

“I don’t even believe in psychics, but I find myself asking Malina questions about my life and I just KNOW that I can trust her. She just really has this sincere way about her. She lets me know what’s really happening. Accurate impressions don’t hurt, but still, she always lets me know it’s not an act by shaking my hand and smiling a sincere smile while looking me straight in the eye during one of her readings!”
– M. Nemitz

“Having a psychic around us is ONE thing; something new and unusual and not your everyday occurrence. But having a psychic that goes around living so close in our lives in order to bring about change, or to offer guidance or protection to any of our situations, is something ELSE entirely! Malina’s the best!!
– T. Doss

When I’m talking to Malina, I can literally start telling her about someone she has never met before, someone that I have just met, and she can describe the exact way they looked, or the situation that brought them into our conversation in the first place! She never fails to chime in and finish my story for me. I do not consider that guesswork or reaching, by any means!”
She told me that my husband’s grandmother was ready to make her journey home to be with her recently passed husband, and that I should get myself ready for it. That was the nicest way of putting it; she’s always finding a positive, or looking at the bright side; that’s our Malina! Regretfully, she wasn’t wrong.”
– Anonymous